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County Tyrone Geography

THE county of Tyrone is inland, being bounded by the county of Donegal on the north, and north- weft; by the county of Londonderry, on the north, and north-east; by part of Loughneagh, and the county of Armagh, on the east; and by the counties of Monaghan and Fermanagh, on the south, and south-west.

The county is very irregular, and much pointed and indented in its circumference. The greatest ex- tent from north to south is from Donnelong, on the borders of the river Foyle, to Slieve-Beaygh mountain, on the borders of the county of Monaghan, being an extent of 33 miles; in English measurement 42 miles. The greatest length from east to west is, from the borders of Loughneagh, in the parish of Arboe, in the barony of Dungannon, to the extremity of the parish of Farmonomungan, joining the counties of Donegal and Fermanagh, being in extent 43 miles; in English measurement 54.8 miles. Messrs. McCrea's map of the county, made out in 1774, 1775* and 1776, and Dr. Beau- fort's memoirs agree perfectly with the above statement.

According to Dr. Beaufort's statement, the accuracy of which we have no reason to suspect, the county contains 467,700 acres, and, of course, 724 square miles j in English measurement 751,387 acres, being equal to 1163 square miles.

THE principal divisions are into baronies, namely; Barony of Strabane,' to the north.

of Dungannon, to the east.

of Clogher, to the south.

of Omagh, partly to the weft; but a large portion of it lies between the baronies of Strabane and Clogher, and meets the barony of Dungannon on the east.

The above baronies are divided into parishes, as follows.

The barony of Strabane contains, 1. Donaghedy. 2. Leckpatrick. 3. Caamus. 4. Urney a small part in Donegal. 5. Ardstra. 6. Upper Bodony. 7. Lower, do. 8. Cappagh. 9. Cumber; only a small part of this in the county.

The barony of Dungannon contains, 1. Lisson, partly in the county Derry. 2. Kildress. 3. Derrylorne. 4. Desertcreat. 5. Artray. 6. Ballinderry, partly in the county Derry. 7. Arboe. 8. Ballyclog. 9. Donaghendry. 10. Clannoe. 11. Tullyniskcal, 12. Drumglass. 13. Killymon. 14. Clonseckle. 15. Pomeroy. 1 6. Donaghmore. 17. Killishill. 1 8. Aughaloo.

The barony of Cloghr contains, Donacavey, or the parish of Fintona. 2. Clogher. 3. Errigle-Keeran. --Srough, V. partly in the county Monaghan. 5. Aghalurcher, partly in Fermanagh.

The barony of Omagh contains, 1. Sarmonraagnirk. 2. Clougherny. o. Dreomragh, or parish of Omagh. 4. Dromore. 5. Kilskeery. 6. Longfield, lately divided into two livings. 7. Farmonomufigan.

Total number of parishes

Barony of Strabane. 9

___ of Dungannon. 18

Barony of Clogher. 5

___ of Omagh. 7

39 in the whole.

There are only 35 parishes, properly within the county, as only a small portion of the remaining four parishes are marked within the limits of the map of the county.

Except the parish of Tullyniskal, and the parish of Errigle-Frough, (both marked V. to denote a vicarage) the whole of the parishes are rectories.

SOURCE: M'Evoy, John. Statistical Survey of the County of Tyrone: With Observations on the Means of Improvement : Drawn Up in the Years 1801, and 1802, for the Consideration, and Under the Direction of the Dublin Society. Dublin: Printed by Graisberry and Campbell, 1802. Print.

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