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Roll of Loughry Infantry
submitted by David Adams

David Adams writes, "I found a loose strip of handwritten paper headed "Roll of Loughry Infantry" and dated August 22nd 1843. It was inserted between Ps 137 and 138 of National Library of Ireland Document MS 5782 which is a book containing records of the estate of Owen Wynne in Co Leitrim, 1764-68. It's a list of 44 names - 5 sergeants and 39 others - and looks like an impromptu list written out for the purposes of a roll call. There's a tick after each name except for two men shown as absent. Some of the men are from the same family, e.g. John Carson Snr. and John Carson jnr. so it looks like a local militia unit. I've seen similar lists for 1790's yeomanry units in other parts of Ireland. The only Loughry I can find is in the Cookstown District of Co Tyrone, so I think it would be in your area of interest. Given the random location of this piece of paper I'd say it's very likely unindexed - I can't find anything about the Loughry Infantry on the Internet - and it's quite possible that it hasn't been noticed before."

AUGUST 22ND 1843

1. Sergt. HART
2. Sergt. KELLS
3. Sergt. PARK
4. Sergt. FOREST
5. Sergt. LESLIE
6. ALLEN James
7. BARKLEY William
8. BARKLEY Thomas Snr.
9. BARKLEY Thomas Jnr.
10. BEST Richard
11. BLAIR David
12. BOOTH Hugh
13. BROWN Robert
14. CARSON John Snr.
15. CARSON John Jnr.
16. CARSON James
17. CORSBEY Corp t (possibly Corporal)
18. CORSBEY Robert
19. COLLIGAN Thom s (probably Thomas)
20. CRAFORD (sic) William
21. DALLIS James
22. DOOGAL Alexander
23. EDMOND James
24. EDMOND Samuel
25. ELDER John
26. FOREST C***l (possibly Corporal)
27. FOREST Henry
28. FERGISON Archibel (sic)
29. GRIFFIN Samuel
30. GRAY John
31. HAMILTON George
32. HARRIS Robert
33. HARRIS Hugh
34. HARPER Thom s (probably Thomas)
35. HARPER George
36. HOGG Robert
37. IRWIN Adam
38. JONES Robert Snr. (Absent)
39. JONES Robert Jnr. ( do )
40. JONES John
41. JUNK Samuel
42. KIDD Hugh
43. KIDD John
44. KIDD James

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