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Census Records and Census Subtitutes

The following records are available for miscellaneous records, probate and marriage indexes, and census substitutes in County Derry. Some are in local custody (LC) and can be gotten by writing to the local priest. Others are available thruogh the Genealogical Centre (GC) and still others at the National Library of Ireland (NLI) and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) and through the Salt Lake City Family History Center (SLC film numbers).

Date Record Location
1628 Houses and Famiolies in Londonderry SLC Film 1636860 and 990087
1659 Pender's Census of Ireland SLC film 924648
1662 Extracts from Subsidy rolls PRONI T716
1663 Hearth Money roll PRONI T307 NLI 9584
1740 Protestant Householders in vairous parishes SLC 100182 and 1279327
1752 Lists of tenants from vairous townlands St. Derry Hist. Soc. J. 1 (2) 1981/82
1761 Militia List GO ms 680
1766 Householders of Various Parishes NAI Parl. Returns 650, 659, 674, SLC film 100173, 1279330, SLC film 258517 and NAI M 2476, SLC film 285517, NAI M2476, RCB M23, RCB MS. 23
1772 Londonderry Journal )Continued as Derry Journal in 1880) Newspapers - GC
1796 Census of the Presbyterian Congregation of Garvagh 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Register
1796 Spinning Wheel Premium List SLC film 1419442
1803 Census for Faughavale, Co. Derry Ulster Gen & Historical guild Newsletter 1910)(1984)
1820 J. Pigot's Commercial Directory GC
1821 Extracts from Government Census SLC Film M824240
1824 J. Pigot's City of dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory GC
1829 Census of Protestants PRONI T308
1829 Londonderrry Sentinel (Continued as Sentinel in 1974) Newspapers - GC
1829 Magherafedt Tithe Applotment Sth. Derry Hist. Socl J 1(2)(1981/82)
1830 Register of Freeholders of City an dCounty PNO D834
1831 Government census remnants PRONI
1832 City of Londonderry Registry PRONI
1832 List of persons who voted at the Coleraine Borough election SLC fiche 6342808
1832 Petition of Co. Derry Flax growers NAI Outrage Papers 1832-2188
1836 Londonderry Standard (Continued as Derry Standard in 1888) Newspapers - GC
1837 List of those made Freemen of Londonderry and Coleraine since 1831 Parl. Papers 1837,11(1) appen B1 18370-8 13(2) Appen. 3
1837 Names and residence of Aldermen Parl Papers 1837 13(2)
1837 Occupants of Coleraine Parl. Papers 1837 11(1) App. G
1837 Occupants of Londonderry Parl. Papers 1837 11(1) App. G
1838 Lists of Marksmen Parl. Parpers 1837 11(1) App. A
1839 List of Persons who obtrained Game Certifications in Ulster PRONI T 688
1842 Matthew Martin's Belfast directory GC
1842 Voters List NAI 1842-69
1844 Coleraine Chronicle (continued as Chronicle in 1967) Newspapers - GC
1846 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland GC
1847 Protestants at Fallaghy PRONI D2098
1850 Census of the Presbyterian Congregation of magilligan Magilligan Presybterian Register
1852 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory GC
1854 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory GC
1856 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland GC
1857 Londonderry Guaridan Newspapers - GC
1858 The 2nd Valuation of the City of Derry Derry Youth and community Workshop 1984
1865 R. Wynne's Business Directory of Belfast GC
1868 List of voters in 1868 PRONI, NLI
1868 State of the poll in city of Londonderry Magee College Library, Derry
1870 Salter's Directory of Ireland GC
1870 State of the Poll of Londonderry Queens University Library, Belfast
1870 Voters at the election in Londonderry Presybterian Historical Society Library, Belfast
1875 Coleraine Constitution (continued as Northern Constitutino in 1908) Newspapers - GC
1879 Londonderry Chronicle Newspapers - GC
1881 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland GC
1887 Derry Almanac GC
1894 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland GC
1901 Census NAI
1911 Census NAI
1918 Survey of Derry, City and County, and Coleraine with names of Undertakers, Servitors, and Principal Natives TCD ms. 864
18403 Census of the Presbyterian Congregatiopn of garvagh Garvagh Presybterian Register
1609-1629 Londonderry and the London Companies. Survey of docsuments submitted to King Charles 1 Belfast H.M.S.O. 1928
1642-43 Muster Roll SLC 941.5/M23m
1654-56 Civil Survey Robert C. Simington Dublin, SO 1937
1797-1800 Muster Rolls SLC 993910
1808-13 Freeholders List NAI Film M 6199
1823-38 Tithe Applotment Survey SLC
1831-32 First Valuation of the City of Derry PRIN, SLC film 597160-63 and 874437
1831-34 Government census remnants PRONI
1832-36 names of Holders of Applications for Licenses to Sell Liquor Parl. Papers 1837-8
1833-34 Emigrants to America from Londonderry SLC 973 A1 5
1833-39 Irish Emigration Lists SLC 941.6 W2m
1841-1851 Extracts from Government Census SLC film 258538-41
1847-49 Emigrants from Derry Port available through lookup
1847-81 Irish Passenger Lists available through lookup
1858-59 Griffith's Valuation SLC
1864-71 Company List of Passengers to Sail from Londonderry 1864-71 Ulster Gen & Hist. Guild J. 1 (3) 1979
Journals Benbradagh (Dungiven parish magazine)  
Journals Derriana (published by Derry Diocesan Historical Society 1978-present)  
Journals North Irish Roots Published by North of Ireland Family History Society  
Journals South Derry Historical Society Journal 1980 to present  
Marriage Records Indexes Armagh 1727-1845 SLC 100859-60
Marriage Records Indexes Connor 1721-1845 SLC 100867 SLC 100867
Marriage Records Indexes to Belfast, Londonderry, and Armagh and Administration 1900-1909 SLC 930388
Misc. Sources A memoir explanatory of the chart and survey of the county of Londonderry. .
Misc. Sources An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster at the Commencement of the Seventeenth Century 17608-1620 .
Misc. Sources City on the Foyle .
Misc. Sources Derriana .
Misc. Sources Derry Clergy and Parishes .
Misc. Sources Derry Clergy List 1631 SLC 994003
Misc. Sources Derry, A City Invincible .
Misc. Sources Derry, Donegal and Modern Ulster .
Misc. Sources Derry-Souces ofr Family History GC
Misc. Sources Desertmartin Estate Rental 1877-1886 .
Misc. Sources Historical Gleanings from County Der5ry and some from Fermanagh .
Misc. Sources Londonderry and the Donegal Highlands .
Misc. Sources Mortality in Magherafelt, County Derry in the Early 18th Century Ir. Hist. Stud.
Misc. Sources North West Ulster .
Misc. Sources Notes on the place-names of the parishes and townlands of the county of Londonderry .
Misc. Sources Oon the Banks of the Foyle, Historical photographs of victorian and Edwardian Derry .
Misc. Sources Ordnance Survey of the country of Londonderry, volume 1- Memoir of the city and Northwest Liberties of Londonderry, Parish of Templemore .
Misc. Sources Ordnance survey of the County of Londonderry arish of Tmeplement
Misc. Sources Popish Clergy in Derry 1704 .
Misc. Sources Priest of Derry 1890-1905 .
Misc. Sources Provisional list of pre-1900 School Reigsters in the PRONI PRONI
Misc. Sources Siege City, The Story of Derry and Londonderry .
Misc. Sources Statistical Survey of the County of Londonderry SLC 924934
Misc. Sources Surnames of Co. Derry Irish Roots
Misc. Sources The Annals of Derry showing the Rise an dProgess of the town from the earliest accounts on Records to the Plantation under King James 1-1613 .
Misc. Sources The County of Londonderry in Three Cneturies with Notices of the Ironmonger's Estate .
Misc. Sources The Londonderry Plantation 1609-1641 .
Misc. Sources The Londonderry Plantation 1609-1914 .
Misc. Sources The Maiden City and the Western Ocean .
Misc. Sources The Siege and History of Londonderry .
Misc. Sources The Siege of Derry .
Misc. Sources Ulster's Hsitoric City, Derry Londonderry .
Misc. Sources Workhouse Records: Records of Limevady Union Workhouse SLC 259176, 259179-80
Probate Records ost 1868 District registry of Londonderry SLC 930300 942246-22
Probate Records Pre 1858 Consistorial Wills Indexes 1612-1858 SLC

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