County Derry 

Aghadowey Parish Records
Co. Londonderry, Ireland
excerpts from the book
by Rev. Thomas H. Mullin, Belfast: Century Services, 1972.
Used by permission of the author

1630 Muster Roll of the Ironmongers' Estate
1663 Hearth Money Roll, Aghadowey Parish
1725 Pyke's Survey of Aghadowey Parish
1765 Alsop's Survey of Aghadowey Parish
1796 Flax Seed / Spinning Wheel List
1833 Tithe Applotment Book, Aghadowey Parish
  1834-1835 O.S. Memoirs Emigration List
Some Aghadowey Family Trees
  Notes on Some Families of Aghadowey Parish  
Aghadowey Linen Bleaching Greens  

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