County Fermaagh 

Some Marriages from the Lisnaskea Area

ADAMS, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Mary GRAHAM, d/o William, on 1 Mar 1853

ADAMS, William      md. Mary GLENN *l
     Mary Jane ADAMS, bn. 3 Feb 1870

ALLEN, Andrew      md. Sarah Anne FAUSSETT *l
     George Alexander ALLEN, bn. 4 Jan 1872

ALLEN, Thomas      md. Mary Anne MCCORMICK *l
     Rebecca Jane ALLEN, bn. 15 Jul 1873

ALLEN, William      md. Martha CUTHBERTSON *l
     Alicia ALLEN, bn. 17 Jul 1872
     Andrew ALLEN, bn. 19 Apr 1874
     John ALLEN, bn. 19 Apr 1874

ANDERSON, Christopher, s/o William
md. Margret ANDERSON, d/o Archibald, on 27 Oct 1851

ANDERSON, John, s/o Allen
md. Catherine SMITH, d/o Patt, on 15 Nov 1853

ARMSTRONG, Andrew, s/o Andrew
md. Anne IRVINE, d/o John, on 26 May 1860

ARMSTRONG, James      md. Martha THOMPSON *l
     Sarah ARMSTRONG, bn. 6 Dec 1871

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o Thomas
md. Catherine MORRISON, d/o Andrew, on 19 Jul 1853

ARMSTRONG, John, s/o John
md. Mary Jane BURNSIDE, d/o John, on 23 Dec 1851

ARMSTRONG, Thomas      md. Susan Frances BLACK *l
     George Henry ARMSTRONG, bn. 28 Dec 1874

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o Robert
md. Mary Anne JOHNSTONE, d/o Alexander, on 2 Jun 1854

ARMSTRONG, William      md. Sarah WILSON *l
     Margaret Anne ARMSTRONG, bn. 9 Aug 1867
     William Irvine ARMSTRONG, bn. 7 Jan 1870
     Charlotte Maria ARMSTRONG, bn. 31 May 1873

ARMSTRONG, William, s/o William
md. Rebecca SMYTH, d/o James, on 30 Nov 1854

BAILEY, James, s/o William
md. Elenor MC CAFFERY, d/o Bernard, on 17 May 1855

BAILEY(BALEY), Philip     md. Margaret MAGOVERN *l
     James Francis BAILEY, bn. 17 Aug 1871
     Catherine BALEY, bn. 18 Jul 1873
     Philip BAILEY, bn. 11 Feb 1875

BALFOUR, George, s/o William
md. Mary BALFOUR, d/o John, on 7 Feb 1853

BANNON, Michael      md. Judith HALPIN *l
     James BANNON, bn. 20 Jan 1872

BANNON, Patrick      md. Ellen MCMANUS *l
     Patrick BANNON, bn. 13 Aug 1871

BATES, William, s/o Thomas
md. Sarah Anne DARLING, d/o Richard, on 14 Aug 1854

BEATTY, George      md. Elinor MAXWELL *l
     Lizzie BEATTY, bn. 26 Jun 1870

BEATY, Henry, s/o Richard
md. Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, d/o John, on 25 Nov 1851

BEATTY, James, s/o Archibald
md. Mary Ann BRIDE, d/o John, on 19 Jan 1854

BEATTY, Noble, s/o John
md. Sarah BURNSIDE, d/o James MONTGOMERY, on 21 Jul 1851

BEATTY, Robert, s/o John
md. Margaret MAGUIRE, d/o Edward, on 4 Nov 1852

BEATTY, William      md. Isabella Olive REID *l
     Ellen BEATTY, bn. 19 Mar 1871

BEATTY, William      md. Sarah DIXON *l
     Mary Jane BEATTY, bn. 2 Oct 1873

BEGGAN, James      md. Anne TIERNEY *l
     Anne BEGGAN, bn. 15 Feb 1868

BEGGAN, Michael      md. Elizabeth BAILEY *l
     Mary BEGGAN, bn. 2 Mar 1869
     Catherine BEGGAN, bn. 9 Dec 1871
     Eliza Jane BEGGAN, bn. 31 Oct 1873

BEGGAN, Mick      md. Bessy GOODWIN *l
     Phill BEGGAN, bn. 10 May 1867

BERRESFORD, Thomas      md. Bessie COSGROVE *l
     Bessie Anne BERRESFORD, bn. 27 Aug 1870

BERRY, Alfred      Catherine CONNORS
     Mary Ellen BERRY, bn. 14 Apr 1872

BERRY, James      md. Catherine GRAY *l
     James BERRY, bn. 17 Jun 1867

BIRD, William      md. Sarah CONNOLLY *l
     Eliza BIRD, bn. 23 Aug 1870

BIRNEY, George, s/o James
md. Eliza REID, d/o James, on 3 May 1850

BIRNEY, William      md. Mary GRANLEES *l
     William James BIRNEY, bn. 18 May 1868
     Robert BIRNEY, bn. 3 Jan 1870

BLAKE, Patrick      md. Catherine GUNN *l
     Catherine BLAKE, bn. 5 Sep 1874

BLEAKLY, William, s/o James
md. Eliza WILSON, d/o William BROWN, on 7 Dec 1852

BOOTHE, Robert      md. Agnes KETTLE *l
     Susan BOOTHE, bn. 10 Jul 1867

BOOTH, William, s/o Mathew
md. Elizabeth ANDERSON, d/o William, on 29 Nov 1852

BOWLES, John, s/o Henry
md. Mary Anne PAISLEY, d/o John, on 2 Dec 1850

BOYLE, John      md. Anne GRAHAM *l
     Edward BOYLE, bn. 12 Aug 1871
     Annie BOYLE, bn. 3 Sep 1874

BOYLE, Peter      md. Ellen MCQUADE *l
     Bridget BOYLE, bn. 2 Sep 1871

BRADSHAW, William Kiddle      md. Catherine Marie BALFOUR *l
     Anna Maria BRADSHAW, bn. 29 Sep 1873

BRADY, John      md. Mary CARBERY
     Mary BRADY, bn. 9 Jun 1867
     Rose Anne BRADY, bn. 24 Feb 1869
     Catherine BRADY, bn. 25 Jun 1870
     Ellen BRADY, bn. 7 Feb 1872
     Sarah BRADY, bn. 14 Oct 1873
     Jane BRADY, bn. 25 Jan 1875

BRADY, Michael      md. Rose Anne MCCORMICK *l
     Jane Anne BRADY, bn. 11 Dec 1867
     Michael BRADY, bn. 10 Jun 1871
     Emma Teresa BRADY, bn. 22 Dec 1873

BRADY(BREADY), William      md. Margaret MOAN(E) *l
     Margaret BREADY, bn. 18 Jun 1872
     Mary Anne BRADY, bn. 8 Dec 1873

BREEN, Bernard      md. Rose MCDONNELL *l
     Francis BREEN, bn. 20 May 1869
     Mary Anne BREEN, bn. 14 Jul 1872

BREEN, John, s/o Andrew
md. Frances WILSON, d/o David, on 24 May 1852

BREEN, John      md. Mary MCDONAGH *l
     Ellen BREEN, bn. 8 Nov 1867
     John BREEN, bn. 12 Jun 1871

BREEN, Michael      md. Mary Anne TRIMBLE *l
     Mary Anne BREEN, bn. 28 Mar 1869
     Michael BREEN, bn. 20 Jul 1872

BRENAN, Charles      md. Isabella THOMPSON *l
     John William BRENAN, bn. 27 Aug 1871

BRESLIN, John      md. Mary KENNY *l
     Jane Anne BRESLIN, bn. 6 Jan 1868
     John BRESLIN, bn. 21 Aug 1869
     Elizabeth BRESLIN, bn. 30 Sep 1871

BRIDGES, John, s/o Henry
md. Anne JOHNSTONE, d/o Arthur CRAWFORD, on 1 May 1850

BROWN, John      md. Mary Anne MCHUGH *l
     Margaret Anne BROWN, bn. 9 Jan 1870
     John BROWN, bn. 20 Aug 1871

BROWN, Robert      md. Anne GILLY *l
     Robert BROWN, bn. 15 Oct 1870

BRYANS, Alexander      md. Ellen FAWCETT *l
     Margaret Anne BRYANS, bn. 4 Sep 1870

BRYANS, Hugh, s/o Robert
md. Juliana GARDINER, d/o Edward, on 11 Apr 1853

BRYANS, William      md. Sarah CLINGAN *l
     David BRYANS, bn. 14 Nov 1871
     Isabella BRYANS, bn. 1 Feb 1874

BULLOCK, Thomas      md. Mary WHERRY *l
     Mary Isabella BULLOCK, bn. 10 Jul 1874

BURNSIDE, William, s/o James
md. Elenor GILKINSON, d/o James, on 16 Jan 1852

BUSSELL, Edward      md. Anne Jane HAIRE *l
     William George BUSSELL, bn. 7 Sep 1873

BUSSELL, Francis      md. Margaret WOODS *l
     John Henry BUSSELL, bn. 17 Jan 1870

BUTLER, James, s/o Patt
md. Jane MONTGOMERY, d/o John, on 26 Dec 1854

CALLAGHAN, Jeremiah     md. Margaret SHEILS *l
    Rose Anne CALLAGHAN, bn. 8 Mar 1867

CAMPBELL, Alexander     md. Catherine JACKSON *l
    John CAMPBELL, bn. 24 Nov 1870
    James Alexander CAMPBELL, bn. 27 Sep 1873

CAMPBELL, John, s/o John
md. Margret MCKENNA, d/o John, on 5 Aug 1850

CARBERRY, John     md. Elizabeth GILLEESE *l
    Anne CARBERY, bn. 6 May 1869
    John CARBERRY, bn. 17 Nov 1871

CARLIN, William, s/o John
md. Mary Anne LATTIMER, d/o Louis, on 23 Feb 1855

CARLISLE, Edward, s/o Hugh
md. Bridget MC CARROLL, d/o James, on 11 May 1855

CARROTHERS, Robert, s/o James
md. Rose Anne CARROLL, d/o John, on 19 May 1854

CARSON, Adam, s/o John
md. Eliza KERR, d/o James, on 10 Jan 1854

CARSON, Joseph, s/o James
md. Elizabeth FARRELL, d/o Edward, on 31 Jan 1853

CASSIDY, Edward     md. Mary BEGGAN *l
    Hugh CASSIDY, bn. 26 Jun 1873

CASSIDY, Francis     md. Susan COLLINS
    Mary Anne CASSIDY, bn. 23 May 1867 *l
    James CASSIDY, bn. 6 Sep 1869 *l
    Rose CASSIDY, bn. 27 Feb 1872

CASSIDY, John     md. Elizabeth TIMMONS *l
    Lettitia CASSIDY, bn. 5 Dec 1867
    Alice CASSIDY, bn. 8 Jan 1872

CASSIDY, John     md. Anne TEAGUE *l
    John CASSIDY, bn. 9 Dec 1868

CASSIDY, Patrick     md. Eliza PATTERSON *l
    Edward CASSIDY, bn. 16 Jul 1873

CASSIDY, Robert, s/o Owen
md. Anne PETERS, d/o Patt CONNERS, on 28 May 1855

CASSIDY, Thomas     md. Bridget CLIFFORD *l
    Mary Anne CASSIDY, bn. 28 Dec 1867
    Ellen CASSIDY, bn. 26 Jun 1869
    Bridget CASSIDY, bn. 12 Oct 1870

CATHCART, Andrew, s/o Charles
md. Margret REYNOLDS, d/o Robert, on 16 Apr 1855

CARTHCART, Andrew, s/o Thomas
md. Mararet Anne JOHNSTONE, d/o David, on 13 Feb 1860

CATHCART, James     md. Mary Anne ALEXANDER *l
    Eliza Jane CATHCART, bn. 29 Apr 1869

CLARKE, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margret PAISLEY, d/o Robert, on 18 May 1855

CLARKE, Thomas, s/o Andrew
md. Mary Anne GORDON, d/o Samuel, on 11 Nov 1851

CLARK, William     md. Jane RAINEY *l
    David CLARK, bn. 19 Apr 1868
    Anne CLARK, bn. 15 Jun 1870

CLIFFORD, Francis     md. Bridget(Biddy) MCBRIEN *l
    John CLIFFORD, bn. 22 Mar 1868
    Thomas CLIFFORD, bn. 11 Feb 1870
    Elizabeth CLIFFORD, bn. 25 May 1872
    Patrick CLIFFORD, bn. 22 Jul 1874

COLLINS, John     md. Mary SWIFT *l
    Patrick COLLINS, bn. 10 Mar 1868
    Peter COLLINS, bn. 5 Sep 1870
    Elizabeth COLLINS, bn. 2 Sep 1872

COLLIN, Owen     md. Jane THOMPSON *l
    Mary Jane COLLIN, bn. 22 Sep 1874

COLLINS, Patrick     md. Anne MCQUILLAN *l
    Ellen COLLINS, bn. 29 Mar 1867

COLLINS, William     md. Margaret MAGUIRE *l
    Thomas COLLINS, bn. 30 May 1869
    William COLLINS, bn. 19 Jan 1872

CONNELLY, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Mary MCCLELLAND, d/o Samuel, on 30 Jul 1850

CONNOLLY, George     md. Eliza Jane LIDDLE *l
    Thomas Hugh CONNOLLY, bn. 17 Jun 1870
    Mary Jane CONNOLLY, bn. 30 Mar 1872

CONNOLLY, John     md. Ellen MCKENNA *l
    Mary Anne CONNOLLY, bn. 28 Apr 1870
    Mary Anne CONNOLLY, bn. 15 Jan 1872

CONNOLLY, John     md. Isabella IBBETT *l
    Catherine Georgina CONNOLLY, bn. 9 Dec 1867
    Hugh Edward CONNOLLY, bn. 24 May 1872
    John James CONNOLLY, bn. 18 Jul 1874

CONNOLLY, John     md. Elizabeth ADAMS *l
    William CONNOLLY, bn. 18 Nov 1870

CONNOLLY, Mark     md. Ellen MCCAFFRY *l
    Teresa Ellen CONNOLLY, bn. 2 Oct 1867
    James CONNOLLY, bn. 14 Mar 1869
    Catherine CONNOLLY, bn. 29 Jun 1871
    Anne CONNOLLY, bn. 2 sep 1873

CONNELLY, Thomas, s/o Thomas
md. Margret MAGUIRE, d/o John, on 18 Nov 1851

CORRIGAN, Hugh     md. Mary Jane BERRY *l
    Mary Anne CORRIGAN, bn. 6 Feb 1875

CORRIGAN, Thomas, s/o Patt
md. Catherine MCKELVEY, d/o John, on 14 Jan 1853

CORRY, Patrick     md. Ellen MCCORMICK *l
    Rose CORRY, bn. 20 Jul 1867
    Patrick CORRY, bn. 17 Mar 1872

CORRY, William     md. Mary Jane LONNEY *l
    Margaret Jane CORRY, bn. 24 Jun 1868

COSGROVE, Bernard     md. Catherine MARTIN *l
    Catherine COSGROVE, bn. 9 May 1868
    Bernard COSGROVE, bn. 13 Jan 1870
    Susan COSGROVE, bn. 7 Jan 1872
    Sarah Jane COSGROVE, bn. 7 Aug 1873

COSGROVE, John     md. Anne KEARNS *l
    Francis COSGROVE, bn. 3 Feb 1875

COULTER, John     md. Sarah Jane ARMSTRONG *l
    John William COULTER, bn. 12 Feb 1872
    Margaret COULTER, bn. 2 Aug 1873

COWAN, William     md. Elizabeth(Bessy) CONNOLLY *l
    Eliza COWAN, bn. 15 Apr 1868
    Sarah Anne COWAN, bn. 14 Oct 1873

CRAWFORD, Hugh     md. Ellen KANE *l
    Margaret CRAWFORD, bn. 30 Apr 1870

CREIGHTON, James     md. Sarah BOWES *l
    Teresa CREIGHTON, bn. 27 Mar 1870

CROACKIN, Patt, s/o John
md. Catherine FIDDES, d/o Alexander, on 4 Nov 1854

CRUDDEN, Samuel, s/o Patt
md. Anne MCKNIGHT, d/o John, on 19 Jul 1852

CUNNINGHAM, William, s/o James
md. Isabella BRADSHAW, d/o George, on 10 May 1853

CURRY, Peter     md. Mary FORSTER *l
    Margaret CURRY, bn. 26 Mar 1869
    Hugh CURRY, bn. 16 Mar 1871

DARLING, James     md. Isabella HENEY *l
    Martha DARLING, bn. 9 Jul 1873

DAVENPORT, Thomas, s/o George
md. Anne Jane NELSON, d/o John, on 10 Jan 1853

DEERY, James     md. Judy JOHNSTON *l
    Mary DEERY, bn. 13 Feb 1868

DENNIS, Nobb, s/o Thomas
md. Eliza ATWILL, d/o William, on 30 May 1860

DEVERS, John     md. Rebecca BRYANS *l
    Joseph Henry DEVERS, bn. 23 Feb 1872

DEVERS, Robert     md. Eliza LESLIE *l
    Robert DEVERS, bn. 4 Nov 1870

DOLAN, Timothy     md. Margery BRYANS *l
    Hugh DOLAN, bn. 24 May 1870

DONEGAN, Terence     md. Margaret MCALEER *l
    James DONEGAN, bn. 16 Dec 1867
    Terence DONEGAN, bn. 10 Oct 1870
    Hugh DONEGAN, bn. 18 Mar 1872
    Hugh DONEGAN, bn. 10 Aug 1874

DONEGAN, Thomas vmd. Catherine REILLY *l
    Thomas DONEGAN, bn. 4 May 1867
    Catherine DONEGAN, bn. 23 Jan 1869
    Bridget DONEGAN, bn. 29 Apr 1871
    Francis DONEGAN, bn. 19 Jan 1874

DONNELLY, Patrick     md. Margaret CORRIGAN *l
    Mary DONNELLY, bn. 7 May 1869
    Patrick DONNELLY, bn. 26 Mar 1872

DORAN, Patrick     md. Margaret SCOLLAN *l
    Rose DORAN, bn. 23 Aug 1867
    John James DORAN, bn. 21 Dec 1869
    Constantine Patrick DORAN, bn. 29 Feb 1872

DOUGHERTY, James, s/o Michael
md. Sarah HALL, d/o John, on 12 Dec 1853

DOUGHERTY, Patrick     md. Bridget HAGAN *l
    Andrew DOHERTY, bn. 8 May 1868
    Edward DOUGHERTY, bn. 30 Sep 1873

DOVE, Samuel     md. Georgina DEMPSTER *l
    Mary Georgina DOVE, bn. 1 Oct 1871

DOVE, Samuel     md. Elizabeth CAMPBELL *l
    Samuel Alexander DOVE, bn. 27 Aug 1873

DOWNEY, George     md. Mary Anne MILLS *l
    Margaret DOWNEY, bn. 1 Jan 1869
    Jane Anne DOWNEY, bn. 31 Oct 1870
    Joseph Henry DOWNEY, bn. 12 Sep 1872
    George DOWNEY, bn. 14 Nov 1873
    Eliza DOWNEY, bn. 7 Jan 1875

DOWNEY, John     md. Margaret HALL *l
    Samuel DOWNEY, bn. 5 May 1869
    John Robert DOWNEY, bn. 11 Apr 1871

DRUGAN, Mathew, s/o Luke
md. Eliza PARKS, d/o Leonard, on 10 Apr 1854

DRUM, Patrick     md. Margaret BEGGAN *l
    Peter DRUM, bn. 5 May 1869

DRUM, Peter     md. Elizabeth NOLAN *l
    Mary Anne DRUM, bn. 19 Oct 1867
    Elizabeth DRUM, bn. 17 Apr 1869
    Margaret DRUM, bn. 13 Apr 1871

DUNNE, Arthur     md. Rose Anne MCELROY *l
    Bridget DUNNE, bn. 31 Jan 1869
    Arthur DUNNE, bn. 9 Mar 1874

EBBITT, Thomas     md. Mary Anne KELLY *l
    Mariah Elizabeth EBBITT, bn. 27 Jan 1869
    Francis Frederick EBBITT, bn. 25 Mar 1872

ELLIOTT, Charles, s/o Charles
md. Eliza CREIGHTON, d/o William, on 3 Aug 1860

ELLIOTT, George, s/o William
md. Matilda BELL, d/o James, on 25 Feb 1854

ELLIOTT, James, s/o Anthony
md. Elizabeth HOWE, d/o William, on 13 Oct 1854

ELLIOTT, John, s/o Anthony
md. Mary ODONNELL, d/o Hugh, on 4 Oct 1850

ELLIOTT, John     md. Matilda MOORE *l
    John ELLIOTT, bn. 5 May 1872
    William ELLIOTT, bn. 20 Jul 1874

ELLIOTT, Robert     md. Barbara MCLINTOCK *l
    Anne ELLIOTT, bn. 8 Jul 1873

ELLIOTT, William     md. Jane JOHNSTON *l
    Margaret ELLIOTT, bn. 7 Mar 1870

FAIR, Alexander     md. Mary MONTGOMERY *l
    Elizabeth FAIR, bn. 1 Mar 1870

FAIR, Francis     md. Elizabeth HEANEY *l
    Rebecca FAIR, bn. 27 May 1867
    Robert FAIR, bn. 13 Feb 1869

FAIR, James     md. Margaret COLLINS *l
    James FAIR, bn. 15 Oct 1870

FAIR, James     md. Jane FYFE *l
    Elizabeth FAIR, bn. 24 Feb 1869
    James FAIR, bn. 4 May 1870
    Alexander FAIR, bn. 20 Aug 1871

FAIR, William     md. Margaret MOTON *l
    Margaret FAIR, bn. 23 Sep 1868

FAIRIS, James, s/o John
md. Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, d/o Edward, on 14 Jul 1853

FAIRIS, Joseph, s/o William
md. Jane ARMSTRONG, d/o Allen, on 22 May 1855

FAUGHLIN, Bernard     md. Mary CALLAGHAN *l
    Patrick FAUGHLIN, bn. 31 Mar 1869

FAUKNER, Edward     md. Fanny KERWIN *l
    William FAUKNER, bn. 9 Jul 1873

FAULKNER, William, s/o Henry
md. Jane KENWELL, d/o Francis, on 21 Jul 1852

FAULKNER, William     md. Mary HAMILTON *l
    Eliza Anne FAULKNER, bn. 16 Apr 1870

FAUCETT(FAUSETT), Samuel     md. Eliza Jane TAIT(TATE) *l
    Samuel FAUSETT, bn. 4 Jul 1869
    Catherine FAUCETT, bn. 8 Jul 1872

FAWCETT, Robert     md. Elizabeth GARDINER *l
    Charles FAWCETT, bn. 5 Jan 1868

FINLAY, Bernard     md. Margaret LEONARD *l
    Catherine FINLAY, bn. 12 Apr 1871
    Patrick FINLAY, bn. 19 Aug 1873

FINLAY, Joseph     md. Mary MULDOON *l
    Joseph FINLAY, bn. 2 Aug 1874

FITZPATRICK, Christopher     md. Bridget MCQUADE *l
    Christopher FITZPATRICK, bn. 14 May 1869

FITZPATRICK, Thomas     md. Margaret MCMAHON *l
    Ellen FITZPATRICK, bn. 23 Aug 1873

FLANAGAN, Edward     md. Ellen MAGUIRE *l
    Jane FLANAGAN, bn. 15 Mar 1875

FLANAGAN, John     md. Elizabeth MCCAFFFRY *l
    Mary Anne FLANAGAN, bn. 13 Apr 1872

FLEMING, Archibald     md. Sarah Anne SHARRY(SHERRY) *l
    Robert William FLEMING, bn. 1 Sep 1873
    John Thomas FLEMING, bn. 7 Mar 1875

FLEMING, Samuel     md. Margaret KERR(CARR) *l
    Eliza Anne FLEMING, bn. 1 Feb 1869
    John FLEMING, bn. 25 Mar 1870
    Isabella FLEMING, bn. 20 Mar 1872

FOLLIS, William     md. Sarah Jane KELLY *l
    Lucinda FOLLIS, bn. 17 Jan 1875

FORDSYTHE, John, s/o Samuel
md. Eliza ARMSTRONG, d/o James, on 28 Feb 1850

FORSTER, Andrew     md. Margaret MAGRATH *l
    Susan FORSTER, bn. 1 Jun 1868
    Andrew FORSTER, bn. 26 Jun 1870

FORSTER, Irvine, s/o John
md. Jane GLENN, d/o James, on 8 Sep 1851

FORSTER, James     md. Mary BRYANS *l
    William FORSTER, bn. 8 Apr 1867
    Robert FORSTER, bn. 30 Aug 1869

FORSTER, James     md. Ellen BRYANS *l
    Isabella Charlotte FORSTER, bn. 23 Sep 1870

FORSTER, James     md. Elizabeth PHAIRE *l
    William Robert FORSTER, bn. 24 Apr 1872

FORSTER, Thomas     md. Mary WILSON *l
    William FORSTER, bn. 2 Oct 1870

FORSTER, Thomas     md. Mary MCCLELLAND *l
    William FORSTER, bn. 5 Jun 1870

FORSTER, William     md. Elizabeth ANDERSON *l
    James Alexander FORSTER, bn. 23 Mar 1868

FORSTER, William     md. Elizabeth GRAHAM *l
    James William FORSTER, bn. 13 Jul 1870
    Thomas Walter FORSTER, bn. 13 Jul 1870
    Sarah Jane FORSTER, bn. 12 Aug 1872
    John Graham FORSTER, bn. 7 Aug 1874

FOX, Samuel     md. Sarah MORROW *l
    William Robert FOX, bn. 26 May 1872

FRECKELTON, Thomas     md. Elizabeth HEWITT *l
    Sarah FRECKELTON, bn. 13 Feb 1869
    John FRECKELTON, bn. 15 Jul 1871

FYFE, David     md. Margaret Ellen LOWERY *l
    Alexander Russel FYFE, bn. 2 Mar 1874

GALBRAITH, Andrew, s/o James
md. Mary Anne SOMMERVILLE, d/o Robert, on 20 Aug 1852

GALLAGHER, James      md. Bridget CONNOLLY *l
     William GALLAGHER, bn. 12 Apr 1871

GALLAGHER, Patrick      md. Susan CONNOLLY *l
     Susan GALLAGHER, bn. 1 Jun 1869

GALLON, Charles      md. Jane MORRISON *l
     William Sanderson GALLON, bn. 18 Jul 1872

GARDNER, Edward      md. Margaret TARLTON *l
     Fanny GARDNER, bn. 31 Jan 1869
     Joseph GARDNER, bn. 25 Dec 1873

GARDINER, James      md. Anne MORROW *l
     Jane Anna Christine GARDINER, bn. 17 Aug 1872

GARDNER, John      md. Sarah Anne GRAHAM *l
     Robert GARDNER, bn. 1 May 1868

GARDINER, William, s/o Edward
md. Mary BOGUE, d/o Denis, on 16 May 1853

GAVIN, James      md. Anne OWENS *l
     Catherine Alicia GAVIN, bn. 22 Jul 1867
     Andrew GAVAN, bn. 13 Jan 1870

GAVIN, Thomas      md. Mary MURPHY *l
     Elizabeth GAVIN, bn. 22 May 1868

GILROY, Charles, s/o Francis
md. Mary WILLIAMSON, d/o William, on 1 Apr 1854

GILROY, James      md. Elizabeth IRWIN *l
     Robert GILROY, bn. 10 May 1867
     William GILROY, bn. 17 Feb 1869
     John GILROY, bn. 5 Nov 1870
     James GILROY, bn. 19 Aug 1872

GLEASON, William      md. Catherine BEGGAN *l
     Michael GLEESON, bn. 11 May 1869
     John GLEASON, bn. 23 Aug 1871

GLENN, Robert, s/o William
md. Anne EVITT, d/o John, on 1 Apr 1850

GLENN, Thomas      md. Mary Anne (Bessy) BREADON *l
     James GLENN, bn. 15 Jul 1869
     Sarah GLENN, bn. 26 Mar 1872

GLOVER, George      md. Jane EVANS *l
     Joseph GLOVER, bn. 9 Jan 1869
     Margaret Anne GLOVER, bn. 6 Jan 1870
     William Robert GLOVER, bn. 18 Apr 1872

GLOVER, William, s/o John
md. Maria BREDIN, d/o George, on 17 Sep 1852

GRAHAM, Andrew      md. Eliza TAYLOR *l
     Anne Jane GRAHAM, bn. 21 Oct 1868

GRAHAM, David, s/o James
md. Anne Jane DUNDASS, d/o Robert, on 21 Dec 1850

GRAHAM, John, s/o James
md. Frances GRAHAM, d/o Mark, on 20 Sep 1852

GRAHAM, Richard, s/o Richard
md. Sarah CRAIG, d/o Andrew, on 20 Dec 1851

GRAHAM, Thomas      md. Mary Anne JONES *l
     James Thomas GRAHAM, bn. 27 Nov 1871

GRAHAM, William      md. Mary Anne FAIR *l
     Margaret GRAHAM, bn. 20 Apr 1870

GRANLEESE, William      md. Sarah ARMSTRONG *l
     Jane GRANLEESE, bn. 24 Nov 1868

GUNN, John      md. Mary MCDONALD *l
     Rose GUNN, bn. 3 May 1867

GUNN, John      md. Anne SMYTH *l
     Michael GUNN, bn. 10 Jun 1870
     James GUNN, bn. 8 May 1872

GUNN, Phillip      md. Mary MCCLUSKEY *l
     Rose GUNN, bn. 14 Nov 1868

HALL, Hugh      md. Sarah Jane BREADON *l
     Bredin William HALL, bn. 26 Jun 1868
     Hugh Montgomery HALL, bn. 14 Nov 1870
     Edwin HALL, bn. 24 May 1872
     Anna Maria HALL, bn. 26 Feb 1874

HALL, John Thomas      md. Margaret MCIVER *l
     Isabella HALL, bn. 13 Jul 1874

HALL, Moses      md. Jane Anne BAILEY *l
     George HALL, bn. 4 Aug 1872

HALL, William      md. Lizzie BEATTY *l
     George William HALL, bn. 12 Dec 1871

HALLIDAY, Thomas, s/o William
md. Anne QUIN, d/o John, on 2 Sep 1851

HALPIN, James      md. Bridget TAUGHLIN *l
     Michael HALPIN, bn. 7 Jul 1873

HAMILTON, David      md. Margaret RICE *l
     Thomas John HAMILTON, bn. 17 Oct 1871
     William HAMILTON, bn. 12 Jul 1874

HANDLY, Edward, s/o William
md. Catherine GRAHAM, d/o Robert, on 22 Mar 1852

HANLON, Ardle      md. Bridget SMYTH *l
     James HANLON, bn. 29 Nov 1868
     Catherine HANLON, bn. 5 Aug 1870
     Edward HANLON, bn. 1 Nov 1871

HANNAH, Moses, s/o William
md. Sarah GORMAN, d/o James, on 24 May 1853

HARPUR, William      md. Margaret KETTYLE *l
     Harriett Matilda HARPUR, bn. 9 Feb 1869
     Elizabeth HARPUR, bn. 10 Aug 1873

HASTINGS, Robert, s/o James
md. Eliza GRAYDON, d/o John, on 12 Oct 1854

HAWELL, Patrick      md. Jane LUNNY *l
     Ellen HAWELL, bn. 19 Jun 1868
     Patrick HAWELL, bn. 13 Mar 1870
     Catherine HAWELL, bn. 17 Jan 1872
     James HAWELL, bn. 17 Jan 1872
     Hannah HAWELL, bn. 15 Oct 1873

HAZLETT, Thomas, s/o Walker
md. Anne FAIRIS, d/o John, on 13 Dec 1853

HEFFERNIN, John      md. Anne RAHALL *l
     Thomas HEFFERNIN, bn. 15 Aug 1871

HEFFERLIN, John      md. Anne RAHERTY *l(may be same as above)
     Thomas HEFFERLIN, bn. 27 Sep 1873

HENNY, William, s/o William
md. Margret SMYTH, d/o Mathew, on 18 Oct 1853

HICKS, John      md. Mary Anne DOONAN *l
     Robert HICKS, bn. 25 May 1869
     Margaret HICKS, bn. 18 Jul 1872
     Mary Jane HICKS, bn. 19 Aug 1874

HICKS, John      md. Catherine FITZPATRICK *l
     John HICKS, bn. 29 Jun 1873

HIGGINS, John      md. Rose CARBERRY *l
     Catherine HIGGINS, bn. 3 Dec 1871

HILLIARD, Francis, s/o Joseph
md. Mary Jane GILLILAND, d/o John, on 23 Mar 1852

HILLIARD, Thomas, s/o Robert
md. Mary KERR, d/o John, on 26 Jan 1850

HOWDEN, Edward      md. Elizabeth HOWDEN *l
     Edward HOWDEN, bn. 8 May 1867
     Sarah HOWDEN, bn. 18 Apr 1869
     Elizabeth HOWDEN, bn. 12 Jun 1871

IRVINE, Leslie, s/o William
md. Ann NOBLE, d/o James, on 1 Feb 1851

IRVINE, William, s/o William
md. Mary Anne MC CABE, d/o William, on 25 Jun 1855

IRWIN, Samuel      md. Jane LINDSEY *l
     Eliza Jane IRWIN, bn. 23 Mar 1869

IRWIN, William      md. Ellen BOWES *l
     Alexander IRWIN, bn. 25 Jul 1869
     Margaret Anne IRWIN, bn. 13 Jan 1874
     Alexander IRWIN, bn. 21 ar 1875

JACKSON, James, s/o Beatty
md. Margret LEVINGSTONE, d/o Thomas, on 8 Jul 1850

JOHNSTON, George      md. Anne MCMANUS *l
     George JOHNSTON, bn. 28 Mar 1869
     Sarah JOHNSTON, bn. 9 Jun 1872

JOHNSTON, Patrick      md. Sarah LUNNY *l
     Bridget JOHNSTON, bn. 13 Aug 1867

JOHNSTON, William, s/o David
md. Mary Jane CLINGAN, d/o Richard, on 8 Dec 1862

JOHNSTON, William      md. Jane COURTNEY *l
     John JOHNSTON, bn. 13 Mar 1869

JONES, Henry      md. Anne SMYTH *l
     Anne JONES, bn. 8 Mar 1872

KEEF(KIEVE), Thomas      md. Isabella MCMANUS *l
     Margaret KEEF, bn. 11 May 1867
     Anne KIEVE, bn. 30 Aug 1870

KEENAN, Bernard      md. Rose MAGUIRE *l
     Patrick KEENAN, bn. 25 Dec 1873

KEENAN, Hugh, s/o John
md. Isabella MCKNIGHT, d/o Mathew, on 10 Jul 1854

KEENAN, Thomas      md. Ellen FITZPATRICK *l
     John KEENAN, bn. 4 Sep 1869
     Anne KEENAN, bn. 12 ov 1871
     Redmond KEENAN, bn. 9 Jan 1874

KELLAHER, Peter      md. Sarah MULDOON *l
     Peter KALLAHER, bn. 5 Oct 1867
     Mary KALLAHER, bn. 10 May 1869

KELLY, George      md. Margaret KETTYLE *l
     John KELLY, bn. 10 Sep 1873

KELLY, Patt      md. Mary MCCAFFRY *l
     Thomas KELLY, bn. 20 Sep 1867

KELTER, Patt, s/o Thomas
md. Sarah LITTLE, d/o George, on 15 Oct 1855

KENIGAN, Hugh, s/o Patt
md. Mary BOOTH, d/o William, on 14 Dec 1852

KENNEDY, Henry      md. Mary Anne MOONEY *l
     James KENNEDY, bn. 13 Jul 1874

KENNEDY, James, s/o William
md. Martha CRAWFORD, d/o William, on 30 Jan 1855

KENNEDY, Thomas, s/o Mimiau
md. Margaret HOGG, d/o James, on 12 Jul 1850

KERR, Alexander, s/o John
md. Anne GLASS, d/o John, on 22 Oct 1850

KERR, John William      md. Isabella Jane GLASS *l
     George William KERR, bn. 16 Sep 1874

KERR, Robert, s/o George
md. Elisa BEGLEY, d/o James, on 14 Mar 1851

KETTYLE, Francis      md. Lucy GRAHAM *l
     John KETTYLE, bn. 11 Apr 1867
     Robert KETTYLE, bn. 11 Apr 1867

KETTYLE, James      md. Mary Jane KANE *l
     Emma Jane KETTYLE, bn. 10 Oct 1867
     James KETTYLE, bn. 1 Nov 1870

KETTYLE, John Henderson      md. Anne BRYANS *l
     Sarah Anne KETTYLE, bn. 11 May 1868

KEYS, Adam, s/o John
md. Frances BROWN, d/o John, on 9 Nov 1852

KIRKPATRICK, John, s/o Andrew
md. Alicia GRAYDON, d/o James, on 26 Dec 1854

LATIMER, David      md. Martilda LUNNY *l
     William LATIMER, bn. 23 Jul 1869
     Eliza Jane LATIMER, bn. 24 Feb 1874

LAVELLE, James      md. Catherine NOLAN *l
     Catherine LAVELLE, bn. 18 Apr 1868
     Bridget LAVELLE, bn. 18 Apr 1868
     John LAVELLE, bn. 3 Jan 1870

LEDDY, John      md. Mary MOHEN *l
     Rose LEDDY, bn. 13 Feb 1870

LEGIN, James, s/o Thomas
md. Margret WILSON, d/o George, on 21 May 1850

LEONARD, John      md. Ellen MCMANUS *l
     Patrick LEONARD, bn. 5 Jul 1870

LESLIE, ames      md. Jane Anne BAILEY *l
     Elizabeth Anne LESLIE, bn. 9 Apr 1869

LEVINGSTON, William, s/o Charles
md. Frances JOHNSTON, d/o John LAWE, on 29 Apr 1850

LIDDLE, Robert      md. Ellen ROBINSON *l
     John William LIDDLE, bn. 5 Jun 1868
     Robert LIDDLE, bn. 14 Apr 1870
     Mary Jane LIDDLE, bn. 12 Jan 1872

LIDDY, John      md. Catherine KENNY *l
     Thomas LIDDY, bn. 19 Jun 1872

LINDSAY, John, s/o William
md. Jane BURNSIDE, d/o James, on 13 Dec 1855

LITTLE, Richard      md. Mary TRIMBLE *l
     George Henry LITTLE, bn. 24 Dec 1868

LONGIN, Thomas      md. Anne CLIFFORD *l
     Ellen LONGIN, bn. 19 Mar 1868
     James LONGIN, bn. 24 Aug 1870

LOWREY, Henry      md. Eliza Eleanor HURST *l
     Eliza Eleanor LOWREY, bn. 5 Jul 1867
     Francis LOWREY, bn. 21 Apr 1869

LUNNY, James      md. Catherine TARLETON *l
     Elizabeth LUNNY, bn. 4 Nov 1868
     John LUNNY, bn. 15 Sep 1870
     Jane LUNNY, bn. 6 Aug 1874

LUNNY, John      md. Anne Jane KEYS *l
     Margaret LUNNY, bn. 10 Jan 1868
     Thomas LUNNY, bn. 23 May 1869
     Samuel LUNNY, bn. 8 Jan 1872

LYNCH, Charles, s/o Michael
md. Jane BREDIN, d/o Robert, on 6 Mar 1851

LYNCH, Peter      md. Mary Anne CARROL *l
     Catherine LYNCH, bn. 5 Mar 1871

MAGAURAN, Patrick      md. Ellen TRESSY *l
     Catherine MAGAURAN, bn. 12 Jun 1869

MAGOVERN, Patrick      md. Ellen TRACY (likely the same as above) *l
     Ellen MAGOVERN, bn. 2 Apr 1871

MAGOLRICK, Michael      md. Anne MAGUIRE *l
     Mary Anne MAGOLRICK, bn. 5 Dec 1873

MAGEE, William, s/o William
md. Rose Anne CURRY, d/o Edward, on 3 Mar 1851

MAGILLY, Edward      md. Mary MCMANUS *l
     William MAGILLY, bn. 13 Aug 1867
     Mary MAGILLY, bn. 3 Feb 1872

MAGINN, Patrick      md. Margaret CLEARY(CLAREN) *l
     Bridget MAGINN, bn. 24 Mar 1870
     Patrick MAGINN, bn. 25 Dec 1874

MAGRORY, Patrick      md. Catherine BANNON *l
     Patrick MAGRORY, bn. 20 Mar 1868
     Mary MAGRORY, bn. 20 Apr 1870

MAGUIRE, Daniel      md. Anne MCVINIA *l
     Andrew MAGUIRE, bn. 19 Mar 1872

MAGUIRE, Francis      md. Bridget MCCAFFREY *l
     Sarah MAGUIRE, bn. 21 Feb 1870

MAGUIRE, Hugh      md. Margaret MURPHY *l
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Mar 1867
     Hugh MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Sep 1869

MAGUIRE, Hugh      md. Anne MAGUIRE *l
     John MAGUIRE, bn. 13 Aug 1870
     Hugh MAGUIRE, bn. 2 Aug 1874

MAGUIRE, Hugh, s/o Patt
md. Rose KERRIN, d/o William, on 22 May 1854

MAGUIRE, James      md. Elizabeth MCKENNA *l
     Edward MAGUIRE, bn. 15 Feb 1868

MAGUIRE, James      md. Catherine HANNAH *l
     Martha MAGUIRE, bn. 31 May 1868

MAGUIRE, James      md. Mary MCCUSKER *l
     Patrick MAGUIRE, bn. 15 Mar 1868
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 23 Jan 1870
     Mary Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 4 Sep 1871
     Catherine MAGUIRE, bn. 24 Feb 1874

MAGUIRE, James      md. Margaret DUFFY *l
     Anna Maria MAGUIRE, bn. 30 Jan 1872

MAGUIRE, John, s/o James
md. Ellen COYLE(CORR ?), d/o Bernard, on 21 Nov 1862
     Rose MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Dec 1868
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 8 Jul 1873

MAGUIRE, John      md. Margaret DOWNEY *l
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 7 Dec 1868

MAGUIRE, John      md. Margaret MCMANUS *l
     Sarah Jane MAGUIRE, bn. 31 Jul 1869

MAGUIRE, John      md. Catherine BAKER *l
     Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 29 Nov 1870
     John Thomas MAGUIRE, bn. 3 Jun 1872
     Joseph MAGUIRE, bn. 25 Jan 1874

MAGUIRE, John      md. Mary MOHAN *l
     Thomas MAGUIRE, bn. 1 Dec 1873

MAGUIRE, Patt      md. Margaret CLEARY *l
     Mary MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Jan 1868

MAGUIRE, Patrick      md. Hannah MAGUIRE *l
     James MAGUIRE, bn. 16 May 1872

MAGUIRE, Phillip      md. Mary Anne MCBRIEN *l
     Eliza Jane MAGUIRE, bn. 18 Jun 1867

MAGUIRE, Robert      md. Ellen MCDONALD *l
     Hannah MAGUIRE, bn. 14 Aug 1871

MAGUIRE, Thomas      md. Sarah COSGROVE *l
     John Thomas MAGUIRE, bn. 16 Jun 1870

MAGUIRE, William      md. Margaret REILLY *l
     Sarah Anne MAGUIRE, bn. 16 Feb 1872

MAIZE, Matthew      md. Margaret ROBINSON *l
     James MAIZE, bn. 12 Jun 1869

MARSHALL, William      md. Margaret TAYLOR *l
     Mary Jane MARSHALL, bn. 13 Mar 1872
     Francis MARSHALL, bn. 19 Mar 1875

MATES, Stephen      md. Matilda EARL *l
     Elizabeth Jane MATES, bn. 17 Feb 1872

MARTIN, Bernard      md. Rose MCMAHON *l
     Owen MARTIN, bn. 8 May 1870

MARTIN, Hugh      md. Anne MULLIGAN *l
     Patrick MARTIN, bn. 15 Apr 1868
     Anne MARTIN, bn. 28 Jan 1875

MARTIN, James      md. Jane LUNNY *l
     John MARTIN, bn. 4 Oct 1873

MARTIN, John      md. Anne MCELROY *l
     Owen MARTIN, bn. 25 Apr 1867
     Rose MARTIN, bn. 2 Feb 1870
     Teresa MARTIN, bn. 20 Oct 1871

MARTIN, John      md. Bridget MCMANUS *l
     Patrick MARTIN, bn. 16 Apr 1868

MARTIN, Phil      md. Mary MURPHY *l
     Ellen MARTIN, bn. 24 Aug 1874

MASTERSON, Robert      md. Mary Anne BUSSEL *l
     Letitia MASTERSON, bn. 11 Apr 1868
     Robert John MASTERSON, bn. 30 Apr 1870
     Susan Evangelina MASTERSON, bn. 21 Jun 1874

MAXWELL, Thomas Dobbin      md. Sarah Elizabeth MATHEW *l
     Thomasina Olivia MAXWELL, bn. 29 ep 1870

MCANNENEY, Patrick      md. Mary BANNON *l
     Ellen MCANENEY, bn. 27 Aug 1871

MCBRIEN, John, s/o James
md. Anne Jane MACARTNEY, d/o Francis, on 10 Oct 1853

MCBRIEN, John, s/o Charles
md. Mary BURNS, d/o James, on 27 Sep 1852

MCBRINE, John      md. Mary LYNCH *l
     John MCBRINE, bn. 7 Sep 1872

MCCABE, Edward, s/o Mathew
md. Susana DAILEY, d/o Tole, on 3 May 1852

MCCAFFREY, Edward      md. Mary SAVAGE *l
     Philip Patrick MCCAFFREY, bn. 5 Dec 1871

MCCAFFERY, Hugh, s/o Michael
md. Elenor LINDON, d/o Patt, on 1 Aug 1854

MCCAFFERY, William, s/o Francis
md. Mary POTTS, d/o John, on 17 Oct 1853

MCCAHERY, Mattthew      md. Anne PERRY *l
     John MCCAHERY, bn. 23 Sep 1870
     Hugh MCCAHERY, bn. 20 Jun 1874

MCCALL, John      md. Ellen KEARNS *l
     Edward MCCALL, bn. 11 Nov 1873

MCCANNA, Bernard      md. Mary MCMANUS *l
     Anne MCCANNA, bn. 18 Oct 1873

MCCAUL, John      md. Ellen KEARNS *l
     Henry MCCAUL, bn. 5 Dec 1867

MCCAULEY, William , s/o William
md. Margret FRICKETON, d/o William HILLOCK, on 13 Mar 1860

MCCONNELL, Terence      md. Catherine MCDONNELL *l
     Ellen MCCONNELL, bn. 7 Nov 1870
     James MCCONNELL, bn. 12 Jun 1872

MCCORMICK, Hugh      md. Anne MOWHN *l
     Charles MCCORMICK, bn. 21 Aug 1874

MCCORMICK, John      md. Mary Ann MCBRIEN *l
     James MCCORMICK, bn. 27 Sep 1871
     Mary MCCORMICK, bn. 31 Jan 1875

MCCOY, Joseph, s/o John
md. Jane STEENE, d/o James, on 21 Aug 1860

MCCULLEN, Patrick      md. Jane Anne MCVINEA *l
     Elizabeth Anne MCCULLEN, bn. 28 Oct 1871

MCCUSKER, John      md. Rose FITZPATRICK *l
     John MCCUSKER, bn. 13 Feb 1875

MCDONNELL, Michael      md. Mary MULDOON *l
     Alexander Joseph MCDONNELL, bn. 15 Sep 1871

MCDONALD, Owen      md. Mary MCELROY *l
     Michael MCDONALD, bn. 8 Dec 1871

MCDONAGH, Patt      md. Mary MAGUIRE *l
     Anne MCDONAGH, bn. 15 Jan 1875

MCELGUNN, James      md. Catherine MCCUSKER *l
     John MCELGUNN, bn. 5 Jul 1872

MCELROY, Henry, s/o Henry
md. Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE, d/o Philip ARMSTRONG, on 28 Jun 1853

MCELROY, John      md. Anne GILEECE *l
     Catherine MCELROY, bn. 20 Dec 1873

MCELROY, Patrick      md. Jane MAGUIRE *l
     Sarah MCELROY, bn. 19 Jun 1872
     Bernard MCELROY, bn. 26 Jul 1874

MCENTIRE, James, s/o Thomas
md. Anne JOHNSTONE, d/o William, on 4 Apr 1853

MCGAW, John Alexander      md. Anne GILLESPIE *l
     Margaret MCGAW, bn. 15 Oct 1871

MCGLAUGHLIN, Thomas, s/o Michael
md. Eliza MCCREERY, d/o John, on 8 Nov 1853

MCGOAN, Bernard      md. Hannah MCANERNEY *l
     Bridget MCGOAN, bn. 7 Nov 1873

MCKENNA, John      md. Margaret COOKE *l
     Margaret Elizabeth MCKENNA, bn. 16 Nov 1867

MCKERNAN, Edward      md. Catherine MCADAM *l
     John MCKERNAN, bn. 25 Nov 1870

MCMAHON, Giles      md. Eliza MCMANUS *l
     James MCMAHON, bn. 24 Oct 1868
     Teresa MCMAHON, bn. 9 Jun 1871

MCMAHON, James      md. Mary MUNZY *l
     Patrick MCMAHON, bn. 27 Nov 1868

MCMAHON, James      md. Mary MURRAY *l
     John James MCMAHON, bn. 1 Jul 1874

MCMAHON, Patrick      md. Isabella NEIL *l
     Sarah Jane MCMAHON, bn. 18 May 1868
     William MCMAHON, bn. 15 Aug 1871

MCMAHON, Patrick      md. Mary MCMANUS *l
     James MCMAHON, bn. 1 Jun 1869
     Patrick MCMAHON, bn. 2 Oct 1871
     Catherine Jane MCMAHON, bn. 19 Mar 1874

MCMANUS, Anthony      md. Mary MARTIN *l
     Catherine MCMANUS, bn. 15 Feb 1868
     Margaret Jane MCMANUS, bn. 16 Aug 1874

MCMANUS, Charles      md. Susan MCLAUGHLIN *l
     John MCMANUS, bn. 4 Apr 1868
     Catherine MCMANUS, bn. 23 Jul 1870

MCMANUS, Francis      md. Mary Anne MCELROY *l
     Sarah Ellen MCMANUS, bn. 10 Apr 1868

MCMANUS, Hugh      md. Teresa MAGUIRE *l
     Hugh MCMANUS, bn. 7 Apr 1867

MCMANUS, Hugh      md. Catherine HEAVY *l
     Catherine MCMANUS, bn. 24 Aug 1874

MCMANUS, James      md. Catherine SMYTH *l
     Siscily MCMANUS, bn. 29 Mar 1868

MCMANUS, James      md. Margaret MCMANUS *l
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 17 Jan 1870
     Mary Ellenor MCMANUS, bn. 14 Aug 1872

MCMANUS, James      md. Rose FORSTER *l
     Michael MCMANUS, bn. 19 Jan 1875

MCMANUS, John      md. Bridget BREEN *l
     Mary Jane MCMANUS, bn. 5 Nov 1868

MCMANUS, John      md. Susan MCALOON *l
     Thomas MCMANUS, bn. 8 Feb 1869
     Bridget MCMANUS, bn. 15 Aug 1870
     John MCMANUS, bn. 20 Dec 1871

MCMANUS, Michael      md. Bridget MONAGHAN *l
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 5 Apr 1867
     Michael MCMANUS, bn. 6 Oct 1870

MCMANUS, Patrick      md. Mary Josephine MAGUIRE *l
     Margaret Mary Cecelia MCMANUS, bn. 28 Jan 1874

MCMANUS, Thomas      md. Anne MCARDLE *l
     James MCMANUS, bn. 7 Dec 1868
     Patrick MCMANUS, bn. 25 Mar 1871

MCMANUS, Thomas      md. Anne CARROL *l (may be same as above)
     Rose Anne MCMANUS, bn. 10 Oct 1873

MCMULLEN, James, s/o Alexander
md. Mary WILSON, d/o David, on 1 Jun 1850

MCMULLEN, Thomas      md. Anne CALLIGAN *l
     Edward MCMULLEN, bn. 25 May 1867

MCNALLY, James      md. Mary Anne KIMMONS *l
     Isabella MCNALLY, bn. 11 Nov 1873

MITCHELL, James      md. Jemima GILROY *l
     Edward MITCHELL, bn. 16 Dec 1867
     Joseph MITCHELL, bn. 20 Dec 1871

MOFFITT, John      md. Mary Anne SCARLETT *l
     Sarah MOFFITT, bn. 1 Jun 1869
     Hugh MOFFITT, bn. 1 Jan 1872

MOWEN, Edward      md. Mary MCDONNELL *l
     Mary MOWEN, bn. 30 Dec 1868

MOAN, James      md. Anne MAGUIRE *l
     Mary Anne MOAN, bn. 7 Sep 1872

MOWEN, James      md. Ellen(Eleanor) MURPHY *l
     Bernard MOWEN, bn. 15 May 1868
     Mary Anne MOWEN, bn. 6 Apr 1870
     Charles MOWEN, bn. 12 Mar 1872

MOHAN, James      md. Hannah MCCORMICK *l
     Anne MOHAN, bn. 12 Jun 1868
     James MOHAN, bn. 22 Feb 1875

MOWEN, James      md. Mary MCCORMICK *l
     Eliza Anne MOWEN, bn. 16 Nov 1873

MOHAN(MONE), James      md. Anne MCQULLIN *l
     Mary MONE, bn. 12 Feb 1870
     Anne MOHAN, bn. 6 Jul 1871
     Patrick MOHAN, bn. 25 Jul 1873

MOHAN, Michael      md. Margaret MOHAN *l
     Bridget MOHAN, bn. 10 Sep 1867
     Patrick MOHAN, bn. 24 Mar 1871

MONTGOMERY, Robert, s/o William
md. Catherine CARROTHERS, d/o William, on 29 Jun 1854

MONTGOMERY, Robert      md. Elizabeth CAROTHERS *l
     Mary Eliza MONTGOMERY, bn. 30 Jun 1872

MOORE, William      md. Catherine JACKSON *l
     James Jackson MOORE, bn. 13 Jun 1874

MORRISON, Edward      md. Mary Anne CRAWFORD *l
     George Hamilton MORRISON, bn. 23 Jul 1867

MORRISON, George      md. Jane FORSTER *l
     George MORRISON, bn. 3 May 1868
     Robert MORRISON, bn. 3 May 1868
     William MORRISON, bn. 22 May 1870

MORRISON, Thompson      md. Anne Jane ADAMS *l
     John MORRISON, bn. 10 Nov 1868
     Mary Jane MORRISON, bn. 2 Feb 1870

MORTON, Isaac, s/o Edward
md. Margret REYNOLDS, d/o George, on 24 May 1860

MORTON, William      md. Elizabeth LOGAN *l
     Mark MORTON, bn. 5 Jun 1869

MULDOON, James      md. Mary MCMANUS *l
     Mary Anne MULDOON, bn. 31 Jul 1867

MULDOON, James      md. Susan MCCORRY *l
     Jane Anne MULDOON, bn. 16 Jun 1869

MULLEN, James      md. Elizabeth RIELLY *l
     George MULLEN, bn. 21 Nov 1870

MULLEN, Patrick      md. Bridget RIELLY *l
     Cornelius MULLEN, bn. 30 Oct 1868

MULLEN, Thomas      md. Anne MULLARKEY *l
     Edward MULLEN, bn. 29 Apr 1869

MULLIGAN, Steward      md. Mary Anne PATTON *l
     William John MULLIGAN, bn. 2 Sep 1874

MURPHY, Bernard      md. Mary CARBERRY *l
     Patrick MURPHY, bn. 12 Dec 1873

MURPHY, Daniel      md. Anne FLANAGAN *l
     Elizabeth MURPHY, bn. 2 Jan 1870

MURPHY, Hugh, s/o James
md. Mary Ann BELL, d/o Samuel, on 11 Mar 1852

MURPHY, John      md. Margaret HALL *l
     Margaret Matilda MURPHY, bn. 21 Feb 1869

MURPHY, Patrick      md. Catherine KERRIGAN *l
     Patrick MURPHY, bn. 26 May 1868
     Thomas MURPHY, bn. 27 Mar 1870

MURPHY, Patrick      md. Mary MAGINTY *l
     Isabella MURPHY, bn. 28 Jul 1869
     Sarah Jane MURPHY, bn. 15 Dec 1871

MURPHY, William      md. Ellen WINTERS *l
     Patrick MURPHY, bn. 4 Jun 1869
     Thomas MURPHY, bn. 4 Sep 1871

MURRAY, John, s/o Edward
md. Elizabeth ANNON, d/o James, on 30 Aug 1860
     Harriett Maria MURRAY, bn. 17 Aug 1870

MURRAY, John Scott      md. Jane Bessy DODWELL *l
     James Crofton Dodwell MURRAY, bn. 26 Apr 1870

NEESON, Hugh      md. Jane MCMANUS *l
     John NEESON, bn. 3 Aug 1870

NEILE, James      md. Anne ERSKINE *l
     Margaret NEILE, bn. 8 Feb 1870

NEWCOM, John      md. Mary Anne STUTT *l
     John NEWCOM, bn. 6 Jun 1871

NIXON, Thomas      md. Eliza MCELROY *l
     Mary NIXON, bn. 27 Mar 1868

NIXON, William      md. Mary Anne SMYTH *l
     William John NIXON, bn. 12 Sep 1870

NIXON, William      md. Elizabeth EGERTON *l
     Elizabeth NIXON, bn. 2 Jul 1871
     Henry NIXON, bn. 30 May 1874

NOBLE, Alexander      md. Anne GILLEESE *l
     Bessie Anne NOBLE, bn. 24 Jun 1869

NOBLE, Archibald      md. Elizabeth DEVERS *l
     Alexander NOBLE, bn. 9 Aug 1871

NOBLE, Gerard, s/o James
md. Martha CAREY, d/o William, on 6 Dec 1851

NOBLE, James      md. Eliza BIGGER *l
     Harriett NOBLE, bn. 10 Sep 1871
     Annie NOBLE, bn. 15 Jul 1874

NOBLE, James      md. Sarah GLASS *l
     Anne Jane NOBLE, bn. 27 Jul 1873

NOBLE, John      md. Jane Anne SCARLETT *l
     John NOBLE, bn. 12 Oct 1867
     Archibald NOBLE, bn. 14 May 1869
     Thomas NOBLE, bn. 22 Apr 1871

NOBLE, William, s/o James
md. Catherine IRVINE, d/o Alexander, on 11 Nov 1854

NOHAN, James      md. Anne MAGUIRE *l
     Michael NOHAN, bn. 22 Feb 1874

NOLAN, John      md. Rose Anne CAWDEN *l
     James NOLAN, bn. 26 May 1868
     Ellen NOLAN, bn. 2 Feb 1870
     Patrick NOLAN, bn. 4 Jun 1871

NOLAN, Phillip      md. Anne COSGROVE *l
     Thomas NOLAN, bn. 31 Mar 1868
     Philip NOLAN, bn. 2 Sep 1869
     James NOLAN, bn. 13 May 1871

ODONNELL, James, s/o Michael
md. Margret DOONAN, d/o Patrick, on 30 Nov 1854

ORR, Thomas, s/o Alexander
md. Elenor MCCAFFERY, d/o John, on 14 Jan 1854

PERRY, Mark      md. Eelisha MURPHY *l
     Mark PERRY, bn. 9 May 1871

PLUNKETT, William, s/o Thomas
md. Martha HARPUR, d/o John, on 16 Aug 1853

POTTER(S), Samuel      md. Mary POW(PEO) *l
     Eliza POTTERS, bn. 25 Mar 1869
     John William POTTER, bn. 5 May 1871

POTTS, William, s/o James
md. Jane HILLOCK, d/o Robert, on 14 Jan 1854

POTTS, William, s/o Robert
md. Sarah HENDERSON, d/o John, on 13 Nov 1855

PRUNTY, Thomas      md. Mary MOWEN *l
     Eliza PRUNTY, bn. 25 Oct 1868
     Sarah PRUNTY, bn. 3 Apr 1871

PURPLE, James, s/o James
md. Elizabeth GARDNER, d/o John, on 21 Nov 1854

QUAILE, Robert      md. Margaret COSGROVE *l
     Margaret QUAILE, bn. 21 Dec 1868

QUINN, Michael      md. Margaret RODEN *l
     Margaret Isabella QUINN, bn. 9 Sep 1874

RAFFERTY, Hugh      md. Mary NOLAN *l
     Bridget RAFFERTY, bn. 30 Oct 1868

RAINBIRD, James      md. Margaret Jane TARLTON *l
     Mary Anne RAINBIRD, bn. 2 Feb 1870
     William RAINBIRD, bn. 4 Sep 1871
     John James RAINBIRD, bn. 25 Dec 1873
     Isaac RAINBIRD, bn. 9 Mar 1875

REA, Henry, s/o Thompson
md. Eliza ANDERSON, d/o William, on 25 Feb 1852

REEHILL, John      md. Margaret MCMANUS *l
     Margaret Jane REHILL, bn. 8 Dec 1867

REIHILL, Owen      md. Margaret LUNNY *l
     Thomas REIHILL, bn. 13 May 1868

REEHIL, Patrick      md. Abbey MAGAURAN *l
     Patrick REEHIL, bn. 23 Jul 1870

REEHILL, Thomas      md. Anne SWEENEY *l
     Margaret REEHILL, bn. 8 Aug 1867

REILLY, James, s/o George
md. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, d/o William, on 14 Nov 1854

RENNICK, James      md. Margaret RICE *l
     Anne RENNICK, bn. 14 Jan 1875

RENNICK, John      md. Rose NOLAN *l
     John RENNICK, bn. 11 Sep 1869

RICE, James, s/o James
md. Mary MAGUIRE, d/o Thomas, on 9 Apr 1853

RIELLY, Andrew      md. Elizabeth MOORE *l
     Susan RIELLY, bn. 30 Apr 1869

RIELLY, Andrew      md. Maria BEATTY *l
     Susan RIELLY, bn. 5 Oct 1870

RIELLY, Hugh      md. Anne MCDERMOTT *l
     James RIELLY, bn. 16 Jan 1869
     John William RIELLY, bn. 22 Feb 1875

RIELLY, James      md. Anne GIBSON *l
     rancis RIELLY, bn. 9 Sep 1867

RIELLY, John      md. Margaret MAGAURAN *l
     Ellen RIELLY, bn. 17 Dec 1867
     James RIELLY, bn. 22 Jul 1869
     Mary RIELLY, bn. 26 Nov 1870
     John REILLY, bn. 14 Aug 1872

RIELLY, Maurice      md. Margaret MCCABE *l
     James RIELLY, bn. 3 Apr 1868
     William RIELLY, bn. 22 Aug 1870

RIELLY, Peter      md. Anne MCKENNA *l
     Edward RIELLY, bn. 27 Mar 1867

ROBERTS, William      md. Elizabeth MEALEY *l
     Edward Mealey ROBERTS, bn. 17 Jan 1870

ROBINSON, James      md. Eliza PERRY *l
     Mark ROBINSON, bn. 1 Apr 1867
     William ROBINSON, bn. 1 Apr 1867
     John ROBINSON, bn. 7 Aug 1869
     Andrew ROBINSON, bn. 7 Mar 1872

ROBINSON, Robert, s/o Robert
md. Elizabeth GORDON, d/o Hugh, on 12 Aug 1853

ROBINSON, William, s/o Thomas
md. Martha MOLLOY, d/o John, on 20 Nov 1850

RODGERS, Richard      md. Agnes MCCOYD *l
     Elizabeth RODGERS, bn. 8 Aug 1872

ROONEY, James      md. Abbey ROONEY *l
     Bridget ROONEY, bn. 6 Dec 1868

ROONEY, James      md. Alice ROONEY *l
     James ROONEY, bn. 18 Nov 1871

ROONEY, James      md. Margaret FORSTER *l
     Mary Anne ROONEY, bn. 22 Jun 1868
     Hugh ROONEY, bn. 7 Nov 1870

ROWE, George      md. Elizabeth STUTT *l
     Isabella ROWE, bn. 24 Aug 1867
     Fanny Elizabeth ROWE, bn. 2 Apr 1870
     John Archibald ROWE, bn. 7 Oct 1873

RUTHERFORD, Edward, s/o Edward
md. Margret MC CULLION, d/o John, on 12 Nov 1855

RUTH, George      md. Isabella THOMPSON *l
     Isabella RUTH, bn. 5 Sep 1871

RUTLEDGE, George, s/o George
md. Anne HANLEY, d/o Francis, on 12 Apr 1852

SCOLLAN, Felix      md. Catherine MCCORMICK *l
     Patrick SCOLLAN, bn. 14 Mar 1869
     Margaret SCOLLAN, bn. 20 Dec 1870
     Felix SCOLLAN, bn. 26 May 1872
     Edward SCOLLIN, bn. 26 Jun 1874

SCOTT, Benjamin      md. Jane DIXON *l
     Alexander SCOTT, bn. 9 Jul 1869

SHANNON, Hugh      md. Alice MURPHY *l
     Patrick SHANNON, bn. 15 Mar 1870
     John SHANNON, bn. 19 May 1871

SHERRY, Edward      md. Bridget MALARKEY *l
     Margaret Anne SHERRY, bn. 1 Jun 1868

SHERRY, Patt      md. Mary MCKENNA *l
     Francis SHERRY, bn. 9 Oct 1867
     James Thomas SHERRY, bn. 1 Jun 1869
     Mary Jane SHERRY, bn. 5 Oct 1870
     Eliza SHARRY, bn. 20 Aug 1872

SHIELS, Patrick      md. Anne FARREL *l
     Patrick SHIELS, bn. 11 May 1868

SHIELS, Patrick      md. Bridget BURNS *l
     James SHIELS, bn. 22 Jan 1875

SHUTTLE, William, s/o William
md. Anne MCMANUS, d/o Patt, on 28 Nov 1853

SIMONTON, James, s/o William
md. Eliza MARTIN, d/o Thomas, on 10 Aug 1854

SIMONTON, Thomas, s/o John
md. Anne KENNEDY, d/o David, on 14 Aug 1850

SINNERTON, James, s/o William
md. Anne BEATTY, d/o John, on 16 Dec 1862

SMITH, George Sydney      md. Susan Porter MOORE *l
     George Sydney SMITH, bn. 12 Jun 1871

SMITH, James, s/o Patt
md. Catherine SMITH, d/o Mathew, on 26 Jul 1854

SOMMERVILLE, Samuel, s/o William
md. Elizabeth FRICKELTON, d/o Joshua, on 16 Aug 1850

STEPHENSON, Robert      md. Sarah DERRIG *l
     Mary STEPHENSON, bn. 15 Nov 1868
     Margaret STEPHENSON, bn. 24 Jul 1870

STEWART, James, s/o William
md. Jane HANDLY, d/o Wiliam, on 19 Oct 1852

SUMMERVILLE, John      md. Eliza ARMSTRONG *l
     Robert SUMMERVILLE, bn. 1 Jan 1869
     James SUMMERVILLE, bn. 6 May 1871

SWAN, Joseph      md. Isabella WRIGHT *l
     William SWAN, bn. 1 May 1868
     Sarah Anne SWAN, bn. 26 Mar 1870

TARLTON, James      md. Alice HANNAH *l
     Mary Jane TARLTON, bn. 21 Nov 1868
     William Robert TARLTON, bn. 21 Mar 1875

TAYLOR, Joseph, s/o Mathew
md. Eliza WILEY, d/o William, on 25 Nov 1850
     Louisa Mary TAYLOR, bn. 2 May 1869
     Joseph Robert TAYLOR, bn. 26 Sep 1871

TEAGUE, Edward      md. Catherine COLLINS *l
     Mary Anne TEAGUE, bn. 6 May 1868

TEAGUE, Patrick      md. Sarah MCDONAGH *l
     John TEAGUE, bn. 27 Jan 1868
     Mary Anne TEAGUE, bn. 6 Sep 1869
     Eliza TEAGUE, bn. 19 May 1871
     Sarah TEAGUE, bn. 31 Jul 1873

THOMPSON, Francis      md. Sarah GLENN *l
     Mary Jane THOMPSON, bn. 14 Oct 1870

THOMPSON, Liddle      md. Mary Jane ARMSTRONG *l
     Mary Jane THOMPSON, bn. 18 May 1868
     Eliza Anne THOMPSON, bn. 13 Jul 1870
     Elizabeth THOMPSON, bn. 1 Aug 1872

THOMPSON, Patrick      md. Mary OWENS *l
     William THOMPSON, bn. 23 May 1869

TIERNEY, John      md. Bridget KELLY *l
     Mary TIERNEY, bn. 17 Aug 1867
     John TIERNEY, bn. 29 Aug 1869
     Thomas TIERNEY, bn. 16 Jul 1871

TIERNEY, John      md. Mary Anne MCANULTY *l
     Patrick TIERNEY, bn. 19 Apr 1867
     Catherine TIERNEY, bn. 11 Dec 1868

TIERNEY, Owen      md. Anne BURNS *l
     Bridget TIERNEY, bn. 17 Oct 1867

TIERNEY, Robert      md. Ellen ODONNELL *l
     William TIERNEY, bn. 1 Jun 1871
     James TIERNEY, bn. 7 Dec 1873
     Robert TIERNEY, bn. 7 Dec 1873

TISDALL, Hastings M.      md. Mary CLARKE *l
     Jane Anne TISDALL, bn. 7 Nov 1873

TODD, John      md. Catherine KEELAGHER *l
     John William TODD, bn. 15 Feb 1872

TROTTER, Alexander      md. Rose BRADY *l
     Mary Anne TROTTER, bn. 7 Apr 1869

TROTTER, Thomas      md. Mary MCMULLEN *l
     Mary Anne TROTTER, bn. 2 May 1868

TUMMON, Daniel      md. Rose MARTIN *l
     James TUMMON, bn. 29 Jul 1867
     Mary TUMMON, bn. 31 May 1870
     Francis TUMMON, bn. 31 Jan 1875

VERNER, Christopher      md. Mary DUFFY *l
     Christopher VERNER, bn. 14 Jul 1871

WALKER, William      md. Jane JOHNSTON *l
     Charlotte WALKER, bn. 9 Jan 1869

WALLACE, William, s/o James
md. Anne MC ELGUN, d/o Owen, on 25 Apr 1855

WANINGTON, William, s/o William
md. Anne Jane KIRK, d/o John, on 22 Feb 1851

WARD, Mark, s/o John
md. Mary Jane LITTLE, d/o Alexander, on 30 Aug 1852

WELSH, George, s/o Joseph
md. Elizabeth THOMPSON, d/o William, on 12 Jan 1854

WHERRY, William      md. Elizabeth SPROTT *l
     William Henry WHERRY, bn. 1 Oct 1873

WHITLEY, Montgomery, s/o Robert
md. Eliza MACKEY, d/o Robert, on 20 Nov 1850

WHITELY, Thomas, s/o Alexander
md. Margret SMITH, d/o William, on 19 Jan 1854

WHITELEY, William, s/o Thomas
md. Jane CORRIGAN, d/o Patt, on 25 Nov 1850

WIGGINS, Simon, s/o Edward
md. Elizabeth PAISLEY, d/o William NIXON, on 25 Dec 1853

WILEY, Edward, s/o James
md. Jane FORSTER, d/o John, on 14 Aug 1852

WILGANS, William      md. Mary Jane COX *l
     Thomas WILGANS, bn. 7 Jun 1872

WILSON, John H.      md. Jane WOODS *l
     William McCay WILSON, bn. 3 Apr 1871
     Samuel Woods WILSON, bn. 25 Aug 1873

WILSON, William, s/o George
md. Jane MARTIN, d/o William, on 19 Mar 1850

WILSON, William, s/o David
md. Mary MCCLOUGHEY, d/o Archibald, on 16 Oct 1851

WILSON, William      md. Catherine WEIR *l
     John WILSON, bn. 26 May 1872

WINNEY, Thomas      md. Anne MCTAGGERT *l
     Owen WINNEY, bn. 6 May 1868

WITTERS, Thomas      md. Matilda LINDSEY *l
     Thomas John WITTERS, bn. 25 Aug 1870

YOUNG, Robert, s/o James
md. Maria MOORE, d/o John, on 6 Jul 1852

*l = Births were registered at Lisnaskea, the marriage may not have taken place here.

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