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Muster Roll of 1630


Sir John Dunbar, Knight, undertaker of 1,000 acres [Manor of Drumcro--Dromore, Dromadown, &c.]

1 William Johnston Sword and pike

2 John Mophat Sword and pike

3 John Gilmore Snaphance onely

4 George Sluano Sword and pike

5 Thomas Trotter Sword and musket

6 William Graham Sword and pike

7 Thomas Graham Sword and pike

8 George Torkington Sword and musket

9 Randall Bowen Sword and musket

10 Walter Johnston Sword and musket

Bill Barber

Married Couples of County Fermanagh, Ireland

The following list is of the couples (42) in my database known to have been married in County Fermanagh, Ireland. Parishes identified so far are Aghalurcher, Aghavea, Galloon and Clones. These people grew up in Fermanagh, married, and then either stayed or immigrated. I have indicated birth and death dates if known. They are all related in some way to the Silver Creek Community of Delaware Co., IA. Most were of the Methodist or Presbyterian faith in the US. Glad to share information; glad to receive new information! Contact Becky Teubner at <>

Andrew Robinson d. Ire

Dorcas d. Ire

Alexander Robinson b. 1774 d. 1861 PA

Rachel Morrow

Jane McWilliams b. 1799 d. PA


James Robinson b. 1775 d. 1843 Ire

Margaret Esther Johnson d. bef 1827 Ire

Margaret Johnston b. 1872 d. 1874 IA


John Carrothers b. 1766 d. 1863 Ire

unknown wife

Dorcas Robinson b. 1794 d. 1835 Ire


Charles Swindle b. 1777 d. 1840 Ire

Mary Ann Robinson b. 1777 d. 1840 Ire


Thomas Robinson b. 1790



James Johnston b. 1800 d. 1885 IA

unknown wife


John R. Johnston d. 1881 IA

Jane R. Jordan b. 1816 d. 1904 IA


James Robinson d. Ire

Martha Burnside d. Ire


George Baxter b. 1800 d. 1871 IA

Elizabeth Robinson b. 1812 d. 1879 IA


Anthony Robinson d. bef 1905 Ire

Elizabeth Coulter d. bef 1905 Ire


William Carrothers b. 1804 d. 1866 IA

Margaret Ramsey b. 1816 d. 1878 IA


James Lendrum b. 1822 d. IA

Elizabeth Robinson b. 1816 d. 1889 IA


James Reinbird b. 1842 d. 1926 IA

Margaret J. Tarleton b. 1852 d. 1907 IA


Isaac Tarleton d. Ire

Jane Swindle b. 1818 d. Ire


John Crothers b. 1835 d. 1912 CA

Margaret Fair b. 1840 d. 1917 CA


Robert McMullen d. Ire

Mary Eliza Carrothers b. 1840 d. Ire


Robert Montgomery d. Ire

Elizabeth Carrothers d. Ire


Charles Gregg d. Ire

Caroline Swindle b. 1828 d. Ire


William Gregg d. Ire

Elizabeth Swindle b. 1814 d. 1839 Ire


Robert Montgomery d. Ire

Elizabeth Carrothers d. Ire


William Swindal b. 1822 d. IA

Mary b. 1822 d. IA


James Baxter d. Ire

Mary Montgomery d. Ire


John Kennedy d. Ire

Ann Right d. Ire


Thomas Beatty d. Ire

Mary Graham d. Ire


William Bleakly b. 1818 d. 1890 IA

Lucinda Little b. 1818 d. 1896 IA


Sarah Robinson d. bef 1914 Ire



Martha Jane Robinson b. 1844 d. aft 1914 Ire



Martha J. Robinson b. 1876 d. 1949 Ire

Burnside d. Ire

Rachael Robinson



M. J. Hogg (F) b. 1864 d. aft 1914 Ire

Garvin (M)


Ellen Hogg b. 1859 d. aft 1914 Ire



Sarah E. Reid b. 1852 d. aft 1914 Ire


Mattie Reid d. bef 1914 Ire



George Reid d. bef 1914 Ire

unknown wife

Thomas Kennedy

unknown wife


Martha Jane Sherry



Anderson (M)

Graham (F)

Swindle (F)

Sherry (M)


Isaac Reinbird b. 1876 d. aft 1952 Ire



Anthony Hogg b. 1856 d. aft 1914 Ire


John Reid b. 1852 d. aft 1914 Ire


Third Mc Grath Clan Gathering.

A very successful third Mc Grath Clan Gathering was held in the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis, County Clare on the weekend of June 23rd with more than 100 attending from as far away as the USA, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. With three major groupings of the clan name in Ireland viz around Waterford in the south east, in the Clare and Tipperary area in Munster and in the north in Donegal, Fermanagh and Tyrone the clan gathering has now circulated to each area major area. This year's clan organisers were John Mc Grath of Carrick on Suir and Liam Mc Grath of Dungarvan. John will be captain of next year's Irish rowing team to the Celtic Games. Northern representatives to the gathering were Brendan Mc Grath now a Dublin businessman but originally from Ederney, County Fermanagh who was elected Clan Chieftain in Pettigo in 1996. Brendan's brother Maurice was also present and as clan bard and historian respectively were Cormac Mc Connell of Belnaleck and Clare FM Radio fame and John Cunningham who gave a talk on the Northern Mc Graths. Nicholas Mc Grath chief of the Waterford Mc Graths also attended. In the regally medieval setting of the Thomond Function room matters of clan interest were discussed and the evening ended with traditional music and Sean nos singing. Anyone interested in taking part or contributing to next year's clan gathering in Pettigo on the weekend of the 22nd of June should contact the clan website for information updates or phone 0044 2868 658327 or 051 640545.

William Flanaghan

Gravestone Inscriptions in County Fermanagh:

Aghalurcher: Clogher Record, Vol II, NO. 2, 1958.

Aghaven: Clogher Record,Vol IV, Nos. I & 2, 1960.

Devenish: St.Molaise's and Devenish Abbey; Devenish, its History,

Antiquities and Traditions, by Rev.J.E.MacKenna and F.J.Bigger, 1897.

Donagh: Clogher Record, Vol 1, No. 3, 1955

Drumully: Clogher Record, Vol X, No 2, 1954

Enniskillen, Enniskillen Parish & Town, by W.H.Dundas, 1913

Galloon: Clogher Record, Vol X, No 2, 1980

Holywell: Clogher Record, Vol II, No 4, 1957

Kinawley: Clogher Record, Vol I, No 4, 1956

Monea: The Parsih of Devenish, Co, Fermanagh, by Rev.William B.Steele, 1937

Templenafrin: Clogher Record, Vol II, No 1, 1957

Tullymageeran: Clogher Record, Vol II, No 3, 1959

Hope this helps someone. AND, NO, I do not know where to get them. This is from a list in a book.

Excerpts from :The Stem of The Irish Nation by John O'Hart. Also known as :" Irish Pedigrees" PBuddyf

Starting on page 44;

001. Adam

002. Seth

003. Enos

004. Cainan

005. Mahalaleel

006. Jared

007. Enoch

008. Methuselah

009. Lamech

010. Noah

011. Japhet

012. Magog

013. Baoth

014. Phoeniusa Farsaidh (Fenius Farsa)

015. Niul

016. Gaodhal ( or Gathelus)

017. Asruth, in Eqypt

018. Sruth

019. Heber Scut, to Scythia

020. Beouman

021. Ogaman

022. Tait

023. Agnon

024. Lamhfionn, to Gothia (Lybia)

025. Heber Glunnfionn

026. Agnan Fionn

027. Febric Glas

028. Nenuall

029. Muadhad

030. Alladh

031. Arcadh

032. Deag

033. Brath, to Galacia in north of Spain

034. Breoghan (or Brigus). was king of Galacia, Andalusia, Murcia, Castile and Portugal.

035. Bile

036. Milesius of Spain ( aka Galamh) See "Song of Inisfail" by THomas Moore.

037. Heremon: 7th son; From him are descended the Kings, Nobility, and Gentry of the Kingdoms of Connaught, Dalriada, Leinster, Meath, Orgiall, Ossory; of Scotland, since the 5th century; of Ulster, since the 4th century; and of England, from the reign of King Henry II., down to present time.

038. Irial Faidh, died 1670 BC

039. Eithrial

040. Foll-Aich

041. Tigernmas

042. Enboath

043. Smiomghall

044. Fiacha Labrainn, died 1488 BC

045. Aongus Olmucach

046. Main

047. Rotheachtach

048. Dein

049. Siorna

050. Olioll Aolcheoin

051. Gialchadh

052. Nuadhas Fionnfail

053. Aedan Glas

054. Simeon Breac

055. Muredach Bolgach

056. Fiacha Tolgrach

057. Duach Ladhrach

058. Eochaidh Buadhach

059. Ugaine Mor

060. Colethach Caol-bhreagh

061. Melg Molbthach

062. Iran Gleofathach

063. Conla Caomh

064. Olioll Cas-fiachlach

065. Eochaidh Aol-Leathan

066. Aongus ( or Aeneas)

067. Enna Aigneach

068. Assaman Eamhna

069. Roighen Ruadh

070. Fionnlogh

071. Fionn

072. Eochaidh Feidlioch

073. Bress-Nar-Lothar, The Fineamhnas(Triplets_

074. Lughaidh Sriabh-n Dearg

075. Crimthann-Naidh-Nar

076. Feredach Fionn-Feachrnach

077. Fiacha Fionn Ola

078. Tuathal Teachtmar

079. Fedhlimidh Rachtmar, died 119 AD

080. Conn Ceadcathach( Conn of One Hundred Battles)

081. Art Eanfhear

From here on it really splits up to different tribes, clans, ect.

Genealogy deals with pedigrees and relations. Geography deals with locations. Notice the references to Spain, Castile, Portugal. ect.

The list above sure does indicate where the dark hair comes from in the Irish Genes.

The magazine ,"Ireland of the Welcomes", has just run its second article on the Spanish in the Republic. I have followed earlier discussions on the "Black Irish". The following are exerpts from the article entitled

"O'NEILL and O'DONNELL on the march". This will show that the Spanishvwere in Ireland amd had contact with the northern cheiftans. The Battle of Kinsale in 1601, when the gallant Northern earls, O'NEILL and O'DONNELL, fighting side by side with their Spanish allies, lost to the English. It was as a result of that battle that the English Crown decided to take permanent steps to ensure nothing similar happened again, and drew up plans for the wholesale plantation of Ulster with Scots lowlanders.

"Duneill Castle, Dromore West, Co. Sligo, of Red Hugh O'DONNELL's last Christmas in his native land. It was here that O'DONNELL sighted five Spanish ships off the coast on their way to Killary Harbour, and signalled them to join him at Killybegs instead, so that plans could be made of Spanish assistance later in the year in a final attempt to rid Ireland of its conquerors.

"O'DONNELL was the only one of the chieftans that knew anything about the sea," explains John THUILLER, a local historian who has made the study of this period in Irish history his life's work. "Of course neither he nor O'NEILL ever intended the Spaniards to come into Kinsale. That was absolutely the last place they wanted them to land. The Spanish fleet should have sailed up to the north west, and met up with the Irish chieftains there.""

As seen in the historical context, the Spainish were allies with the Irish. To be an ally there had to be contact with them, so in this light it would appear that the Spanish were in Ireland and possibly intermarried with the Irish. (nothing like a man in uniform!

Mary McGinnis

From NARA publication M237 - NEW YORK, NEW YORK PASSENGER LISTS, 1820 - 1897: Roll #307, Mar. 3, 1869 - March 31, 1869

#245: Ship BRIDGEWATER; Liverpool - New York; arr 25 March 1869

# Name Age Sex Occupation County


434 Murphy Roger 45 M labourer Fermanagh

435 Murphy Mrs. 45 F Fermanagh

436 Murphy John 20 Fermanagh

437 Murphy Kate 17 Fermanagh

438 Murphy Mary 11 Fermanagh

439 Murphy [Thos] 10 Fermanagh

440 Murphy Ann 09 Fermanagh

441 Murphy Barney 07 Fermanagh

442 Murphy Ellen 05 Fermanagh

443 Murphy Bridget 03 Fermanagh

444 Murphy [Alice] inf Fermanagh

512 McWilliams Jane [28] F wife Fermanagh

513 McWilliams Jas 10 M Scotland**

530 [Clarey] John 21 M labourer Fermanagh


** Jane and Jas McWilliams were listed together, and it seems to me that they were probably mother and son.

Brackets indicate some difficulty with the handwriting.

Descendants of Andrew Verner

Generation No. 1



2.i CHARLES2 VERNER, b. 1873, Kesh, Co, Fermanagh, Ireland.

Generation No. 2

2. CHARLES2 VERNER (ANDREW1) was born 1873 in Kesh, Co, Fermanagh, Ireland1. He married (1) MARY. He married (2) ELIZABETH FARMER June 11, 1897 in Paisley, Scotland1, daughter of ROBERT FARMER and ELIZABETH STEWART. She was born 18721.

Catholic Churches in Baltimore, Maryland


St. Peter Claver

1546 N. Fremont Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217

Phone: 410-669-0512

Fax: 410-383-8227


Holy Cross Cemetery Phone (410) 789-5400

6020 Ritchie Hwy

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery Phone (410) 284-0648

7401 German Hill Rd

Baltimore, MD


Holy Redeemer Cemetery Phone (410) 485-4227

4430 Belair Road

Baltimore, MD


Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery Phone (410) 285-8229

7501 German Hill Road

Baltimore, MD


St Matthews Cemetery Phone (410) 633-7042

6104 Odonnell St

Baltimore, MD


Holy Rosary's Cemetery Phone (410) 288-3634

7305 German Hill Rd

Baltimore, MD

A SENESCHAL is a steward in charge of a noble's estate in the Middle Ages. ENCYCLOP�DIA BRITANNICA seneschal ,French S�N�CHAL, in medieval and early modern France, a steward or principal administrator in a royal or noble household. As time went on, the office declined in importance and was often equivalent to that of a bailiff; the office and title persisted until the French Revolution.

In Merovingian times the seneschal was subordinate to the major domus, or mayor of the palace, and had charge of the personnel of the royal household. Under the Carolingians he became responsible for organizing the journeys of king or emperor and, by 1071, was the chief officer--steward of the household, head of the army, and administrator of the royal demesne. With the title dapifer he headed the names of those witnessing royal diplomas. By the mid-12th century, however, the office had weakened and become largely honorary.

Most of the great French feudatories--the dukes of Normandy and Aquitaine, the counts of Anjou, Poitiers, and Toulouse--had their seneschals. In Anjou and Poitou the title was given to subordinate officials on those counts' demesne. When these provinces became united to the crown after 1203, these officials were retained to perform the same duties as the bailiffs of the royal demesne elsewhere. This was the basis of the later classic administrative division of France into bailliages and s�n�chauss�es, although in Normandy, Maine, Anjou, and Auvergne the seneschals were replaced by bailiffs.

Richard Kenneth (KEN) Small,


Joshua Johnston born about 1809 in Ireland

Anne Johnston born about 1818 in Ireland


Simon born about 1841 in Ireland

Eliza born about 1843 in Ireland

James born about 1845 in Ireland

John born about 1847 in Ireland

Joshua born about 1849 in Ireland

Lucinda born about 1851 in Ireland married George McClelland in 1870 in North Dorchester, Ontario Canada

Anne born about 1853 in Canada later known as the province of Ontario

Margaret born about 1855 in Canada

Adam born about 1857 in Canada

Sarah born about 1860 in Canada


Is John Nixon related to Seriah Nixon? I have a Seriah Nixon who married Joseph Rowley in 1817 in Ireland. Joseph was born 1796 in County Fermanagh, Ireland and died December 28,1840 in Ireland. Seriah died 1848 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

They had seven children:

1.John Rowley born September 4, 1818, Connought Skegh Co.,Fermanagh County, Ireland, died July 12, 1883 Belmont,Illinois. Married Ann Armstrong April 5, 1849 she wasborn February 28, 1826 in Ireland and died December 3,1914 in Belmont, Illinois(they had 5 kids);

2.Betsy Rowley born July 4,1822;

3.Margaret Rowley born March 7, 1825;

4.William Rowley born November 26, 1828, St. Johns hemarried and (Unknown) Elbridge(theyhad 5 kids);

5.Jane Rowley born September 16, 1831;

6.Mary Rowley born February 2, 1834;

7.Robert Rowley December 21, 1836 he was lost in New YorkCity!

In 1842 Seriah Nixon took her seven children and sailed to New York. From New York John Rowley went to Boston Mass. and then to Henderson County, Illinois. Seriah and the otherchildren went to New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Carrick is the old graveyard outside Derrygonnelly where the old church used to be;

The following list of names are from a book by Mr W.K.Parke; "Glimpses of old Derrygonnelly".

Owen Cox, 1882

Edward Campbell, 1900

Thomas McDohnagh, 1776

Francis Love, 1813

Cormac McManus, 1757

Mary Curen, 1905

Patrick Durous, 1771

Sisey MacLlaghlen, 1742

Patrick Hosey, no date

Mary Corrigan, no date

Flaherry Maginis, 1799

Brian Love, 1794

Felix Dolan 1870

Sarah Dolan, 1874

Charles Murphy, 1879

Mary Conway, 1895

Margaret Murphy, 1889

Anthony Foy, 1790

Philip MacCafery, 1755

Henry Greene, 1916

James Ovens, 1704, Might be Owens.

John Moore, 1788

Pronunciation/Spelling of Fermanagh

Farmagh, Farmanagh, Farmanagtt, Farmanah, Farmanaugh, Farmargh, Farmaugh, Feremanagh, Fermaaugh, Fermach, Fermag, Fermagh, Fermah, Fermaine, Ferman, Fermana, Fermanach, Fermanagh, Fermanaghshire, Fermanah, Fermanale,Fermanaugh, Fermanch, Fermanegh, Fermaneh, Fermanel, Fermange, Fermangh, Fermanna, Fermannagh, Fermannah, Fermannaugh, Fermanneh, Fermanogh, Fermanough, Fermanugh, Fermargh, Fermau, Fermauagh, Fermauah, Fermauer, Fermaugh, Fermauogh, Fermenagh, Ferminagh, Ferminna, Fermnanagh, Fermonagh, Fermonoch, Fermough, Fernamagh, Fernaugh, Firmana, Firmanagh, Firmanch, Firmannah, Formana, Formanagh, Formanah, Formaugh

Black Frank Mc Hugh (Highwayman)

Prionsias Dubh Mc Hugh otherwise Black Frank Mc Hugh.

Prionsias Dubh was a gentleman highwayman who flourished inthe second half of the 18th century. His headquarters was in the Scraghy hills about half way between Pettigo in County Donegal and Castlederg in CountyTyrone. The three counties of Fermanagh, Tyrone and Donegal all meet in this area. He was a man of some degree of culture and frequently mingled with the gentry at the house of Mr. Acheson of Grouse Lodge, near Pettigo who was unlikely to be unaware of the identity of Prionsias Dubh. Here the highwayman picked up tips on the travel arrangements of the gentry so as to select the best possible time to raid their property. The following news item in the Belfast News Letter May 9th 1780 tells of the demise of Black Frank and his gang. There are at least two songs still sung in the locality concerning Frank and his exploits. A recent correspondent Neville Long tells me that a grandson of Jeremiah Acheson (of Grouse Lodge ancestry) became Bishop of Connecticut in the USA and his son was Dean Acheson, Secretary of State under President Truman

Extract of a letter from Enniskillen, May 2nd (1780).

This day ended the assizes held here by special commission, at which the following persons were tried and found guilty, upon the clearest evidence, for robbing James Armstrong of Lisgoole, Esq; viz. Francis Mc Cue, alias Francis Dough, the captain of the gang, Richard Monkham, Patrick Corrigan, James Mc Cabe, Alex. Wright and Bryan Mc Alin. These unhappy, yet daring and dangerous men, have received sentence to be executed. The Judges, Baron Hamilton and Justice Lill, in their charges gave the greatest praise to the Enniskillen Volunteers; and indeed they well deserve the praise and warmest thanks of every man in the country, and particularly of those whose property exposed them to the attacks and ravages of the above desperate gang; and by their watchful attention, in now mounting an officer�„s guard, they will prevent a possibility of a rescue or escape, until they finish the arduous work they have begun, by seeing the laws of their country fully executed.�*

At his hanging Frank took advantage of the privilege of addressing the crowd and went on at some length. He was eventually interrupted by the hangman and told to finish. He turned to him and said - "for you it's a long day but a short one for me" and continued his final address.


CASSIDY emigrant was Patrick CASSIDY (b 1804) probably in Drumgormly townland, near Derrygonnelly in Co Fermanagh Ireland. He married Mary McCaffrey(b 1816) and moved to the US about 1842 with their 4 oldest children (Peter, Mary, Charles, and my ggrandfather--Patrick Francis b 1841) had 5 more there ( Ann Virginia, Mary Catherine, Elizabeth, Catherine, Edward Francis). (Mary Catherine and Catherine both died in infancy.) Patrick wrote poetry, sometimes under the penname Knockmore. He died in 1894. Mary's cousin, Peter B O Flanagan (b 1807) was from Aghakeerin townland and moved to the US to enter the Jesuits. He became pastor of Holy Trinity parish in Georgetwon, DC. Possible siblings of Patrick are Michael and Francis Cassidy and Bridget Cassidy McBrien (McBrine).

Other related families in Fermanagh are Flanagan and Love.



David Kerr

Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45 Eustace

Vol 1 1708-45


Entry First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr person

Date Action

201 John Kerr Dublin Gent

3APR 1720 Witness to John Forster


215 John Kerr

2Nov1720 Witness to memorial of Arthur Maxwell ESQ of




245 John Kerr Dublin Gent

22APR 1720 Memorial witness of Daniel Forrest


262 John Kerr Dublin Gent

16Sept1722 Trustee for Samuel Cotton


291 John Kerr Dean of the Diocese

18July 1719 His own will of Ardagh/Co Longford


Elizabeth Kerr John's widow

18July 1719 named in will

Teeny Kerr his daughter

18July 1719 named in will


277 John Kerr Lisnaska/Fermanagh Gent

Witness of codicil of Joseph Eccles of Rathmoran

478 William Kerr Servant

15Jan 1731 named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran


George Kerr Servant

15Jan 1732 named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran


John Kerr Servant 15Jan


named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran

George Carr Farmer of Kirkiren

15Jan 1734 Witness to David Murray of Corkeeran

47 Mary Kerr Niece

8July 1710 named in will of Col Christopher Wray of


Knockihernane, Co. Limerick


Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45 Eustace


Vol 2 1746-85


Entry First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date Action


225 Andrew Ker ESQ of Portatrave Co.

Monaghan 28 ? 1753 his will his lands inclded. Mt

Kermell, lisonegallorigh, Fermoyle, Barony cremorne Co. Monaghan


Margaret Ker Mrs Pettigrew daughter

28 ? 1753 named in will

Alice Ker daughter

28 ? 1753 named in will

Robert Ker son

28 ? 1753 named in will

John Ker son

28 ? 1753 named in will

William Ker

28 ? 1753 Trustee


83 William Ker Farmer of Newcastle

2Jan 1747 witness to memorial of David Charters of

Mullaghboy/Enniskeen Co Meath


489 William Ker

11 sept 1772 Witness to John Magill Dublin perukemaker


197 Letitia Ker married to John

18Nov 1756 Witness to James Johnsons will

John Kerr married to Letitia

18Nov 1757 Witness to James Johnsons will



6 Hugh Ker brother in law Dublin Merchant

19Aug 1746 witness to John Howison Dublin Gent

Hannah Ker nee Howison sister of John

19Aug 1747 witness to John Howison Dublin Gent



610 Sarah Karr nee Jackson daughter

1Dec 1779 named in will of William Jackson of Co Kildare


670 Arthur Carr of Ballaghhenry Co Down

26Nov 1782 his will

Arthur Carr his son

26Nov 1782 witness

william Carr his brother

26Nov 1782 executor

margaret Carr daughter

26Nov 1782 named in will

elizabeth Carr daughter

26Nov 1782 named in will

Mary Carr his wife nee gibbons

26Nov 1782 named in will

Nicholas Carr his father

26Nov 1782 executor


31 George Carr of stonehouse Co. Waterford Gent


20May 1782 his will

Thomas Carr his son

20May 1782 named in will



551 George Carr of Dublin

3June 1772 named in will of Richard Beauchamp Co. Kildare



297 John Carr Tenant in town of


2feb 1753 Thomas Jessop's will

Jeremiah Carr Tenant in town of


2feb 1753 Thomas Jessop's will



411 Michael Carr Templeogue/Co Dublin

July27 1761 witness to Sir Compton Domville's will



614 Philip Carr deceased

3June 1779 named in Edward Cusack's will

Rev Dr Carr Debtor to Edward

3June 1779 named in Edward Cusack's will



273 Thomas Carr clerk

28 Jan 1761 Robert Wily of Co Kildare



Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45 Eustace


Vol 3 1785-1832


Entry First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date Action


516 Lady Charlotte Kerr

26Aug 1819 in will of adam hunter of Balymagarry Co Antrim


70 Isabella Kerr mrs

Agar/grand-daughter 21 Dec 1787

Strabane/ Co Tyrone

29 John Kerr Gent of


co Antrim 5feb 1788 executor of John




157 Jno Kerr Gent of


Drummuel co Antrim 12Mar 1792 owen kennedy's will


369 David Kerr of Cork

Rev John Smith's will





Dromore Wills 1768-1858 Vol4 Index to Irish Wills



First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date

Archibald Ker Ballymccormick


Henry Ker Gransha


James Ker Gavaghy


John Ker Killeny


Josiah Ker/Kerr liverpool



Adam Kerr Ballysallagh


Agnes Kerr Ballydowgan


Hamilton Kerr 4mile house/

Donaghmore 1824

Henry Kerr Drimnascamph


Hugh Kerr mullaghfarnaghan



Hugh Kerr lurganbane


James Kerr anaghconnan


James Kerr Gransha


James Kerr lurganbann


James Kerr lurganbann


James Kerr lurganbaun


James Kerr drumancloney


John Kerr bellydoogin



Armagh Wills 1768-1858 Vol4 Index to Irish Wills



First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date


John Kerr tullygally



John Kerr ballysallagh


joesph Kerr/Keer drumahadone antrim


margaret Kerr lurganbann

shankill Armagh 1825

mark Kerr annochmecownan

shankill armagh 1719

mary Kerr aghalee/co



matthew Kerr lurganbann


richard Kerr ballynamoney seagoe


robert Kerr ballysallagh


samuel Kerr anaghmecounan


william Kerr lurgan Armagh


william Kerr banbridge



James Karr quilly dromore


John Karr drumlough


Nancy Karr nee mor

ballysallagh 1820

john Karr anoughmccounan



catherine Carr lesize


hugh Carr gransha


mary Carr/Keer nee bryan


James Carr ballynahinch


richard Carr cloughscelt


rosey Carr drumanagoon


thomas Carr dromore


william Carr tullygally shankill co

armagh 1820


Raphoe Wills 1684-1858 Vol5 Index to Irish Wills



First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date


matthew kerr moyle


john kerr portline



Derry Wills 1684-1858 Vol5 Index to Irish Wills



First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date


Daniel Kerr castletoothery killowea


Grizell Kerr widow londonderry city


James Kerr dunboe


James Kerr/carr ardstraw


James Kerr crigadick maghera


John Kerr urbelreagh ardstraw


John Kerr aughasesy


John Kerr aughasesy


John Kerr ballindrate


Marion Kerr londonderry


Owen Kerr drinowen lower

longfield 1813

Patrick Kerr stranameagh ardstraw


Patrick Kerr milltown


Robert Kerr stanameagh ardstraw


Robert Kerr drimaony donagheady


Thomas Kerr rabride


Thomas Kerr carnkenny/ardstraw


william Kerr tanlaghtfinlagan moyse


william Kerr tanlaghtfinlagan moyse



john Ker mariner londonderry city



Ninian Ker dardries dunboe



Cork & Ross Wills 1548-1800 Vol 2 Index to Irish




First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date

robert kerr cork




Newry & Mourne wills 1727-1858


John Kerr formerly of

rostrevor & carrickhill Belfast 1850



Vicars Index to Perogative wills of Ireland 1536-1810


First Name Last Name Description of


Kerr person Date


andrew Kerr Newcastle co meath Gent


andrew Kerr Portrave/co. monaghan



anna h Kerr linenhall st. Dublin


david Kerr catetallon st


merchant 1779

elizabeth Kerr widow of thimas


Waterford seedsman 1768

esther Kerr


Cpt George Kerr of the East


Company Army 1771

hanna Kerr dublin widow


henry Kerr


hugh Kerr dublin baker


james Kerr tullydraw co


surgeon 1749

john Kerr st james



Hon. John Kerr lord john kerr


john Kerr dublin gent


john Kerr martinstown


west meath gent 1759

margory Kerr summerhill dublin widow


mary Kerr widow cork city


robert Kerr ballyaghrane county

londonderry gent 1679

robert Kerr newry co down merchant


william Kerr ballymena co antrim



alexander Ker dublin glazier


andrew Ker ESQ portatrave co.



elizabeth Ker widow


hugh Ker dublin merchant


john Ker summerhill dub


margaret ker flowerfield co

londonderry widow 1798

margaret Ker dublin spinster


Lt col peter Ker of a dragoon regt


william Ker newcastle co meath


Lt John Karr belturbet Co



David Kerr

Registers of Derry Cathedral (St Columbs/ Parish of Templemore/




Adam Kerr son of James Ker mariner & Magrett Ker buried 28may1861


James kerr son of james kerr buried 4aug 1681 pages 250& 251

Jane kerr married William dulce june18 1663 page 139

John ker married Margaret fenny 28mar 1665 page 141

John ker -gossip? At baptism june 1663 page 153

John ker son of Thomas ker baptised 26may 1665 page 161

John kerr married mary mccala 21aug1683 page 269

Robert son of john ker & mary ker baptised 13june 1686 page 296

Mary ker widow buried 1jan1686 page 301

Katherine ker buried 24june 1685 page 288

Martha daughter of john ker & mary ker baptised 23nov 1699 page 352

William ker clark of the parish of glendenmond married margret miler


1679 page 241

Margret daughter of margrett kerr (nee millar) & William kerr buried


1679 page 242

William ker clark was the minister at several weddings dating

30july 1682 page 259

10may 1684 page 277

9july 1685 page 288

23june 1687 page 304

& a baptism on 24june 1680 page 372


Commoners of Great Britian & Ireland 1836 Vol1 Burke


George Ker page437

John Kerr ESQ Page112

catherine kerr page298

Hon William Kerr page298

Katherine KerrPage326 sister of Mark Kerr 1st earl of lothian

John Kerr page366


Ker of leintwardine-Burkes landed gentry page 424




Burkes Irish family records page 670

this book contaions more detailed notes of this Kerr family from


i have deliberately left out the dates of living people to ensure their

rights of privacy.

however all this material is published in the above book in the public



Edward Kerr of Carrick & legg Co. Fermanagh

owned lands in Largylinny


Catherine Faussett


1)John Kerr of the croagh/Enniskillen b24jan1820

1st wife married 17june 1851 Sarah rogers

2nd wife married 30 apr 1872 jane mary wilkin


Jane mary's wilkins children with john kerr of the croagh

a)Edward david MBE m ellen hughes m 24mar 1909


i) john kerr

ii)ellen mary gratton kerr

b)catherine mary d 17mar 1890


Sarah Rogers children with John kerr of the croagh

2)Maria m12june 1862 d30oct 1916 aged 85

3)Mary Jane kerr

4)Anne b1819 d1917

5)Jane d26June 1911

6)Catherine m 18June 1861

7)Elizabeth d21Dec1907

8) Robert Kerr of Carrick d7sept 1909

married Catherine daughter of John Faussett-his 1st cousin 8july1848 in



1)Anne Jane b3apr 1859

2)elizabeth b 24july 1852

3)maria jane b 12june 1854

4)Edward Kerr of Drumbadeen JP d28sept 1932 m31dec1879 ellen graham in


5)sarah ann b11may1862 catherine b 17oct1850, m12may1887 william kerr of


Beagh Fermanagh

6)mary anne

7)rebecca b3mar 1869 moved to USA

8)John Faussett Kerr of carrick & derrygonelly b6nov 1856 m11jan 1911

elizabeth eleanor acheson


1)william george kerr

2)florence isabella


4)iris maud

5)selena gleadys

Robert John Kerr MBE RUC Detective Inspector b 1911 m anne mary weir


1)Nigel victor kerr m kathleen margaret montgomery


catherine rachel kerr

2)Aubrey Robert Faucett Kerrm Patricia Margaret scott


George mark mannion kerr

peter john aubrey kerr

nicole michelle joanne kerr



some kerr nobility (living in the mainland of the UK- not ireland)

listed in


Whos' Who

Burke's peerage & de Brett's publications

Extinct Peerage


earls Ker of wakefield p305


Ker of cessford & cavertown

barony Ker created 1616

earldom of Roxburgh

dukedom of Roxburgh created 1707


Kerr of Nisbet Langnewtown & dolphinstoun

Baron 1633

earl of ancrum


Ker of newbottle Oxnam, jedburgh, dolphinstoun & nisbit barony 1701


maquis of lothian


ker of wakefiled & york

ker of kershaugh co roxburgh barony 1821


robert kerr duke of roxburgh 1740s


baron ker earl of wakefiled co York(england) d1755

john ker 3rd duke 2nd earl ker, knight of the garter & thistle, groom of


stole d19mar 1804

earldom of Ker expired 1804

robert ker - no issue



Page 16 (our only page) of the original records of Aghalurcher Marriages in 1812.

As usual, a lot of the handwriting is unreadable, but perhaps some of the following will help a fellow lister out there somewhere: (x means a letter unclear, Surnames are typed here in all caps, but original has only first letter in caps)


No. 62 } Joseph WHITELY of the Parish of xdeavea (?) & Jane FORSTER of this Parish, Married in this Church by Licence 7 Feb 1818 by me Thos. Wisney (?) in the Presence of Francis FORSTER.


No. 63 } William xALE (HALE?) of the Parish of Drxxxxxx & Jane LETTIMORE (?) of this Parish, Married in this Church by Licence 8 Mar 1812 by me Thos. Wisney (?) in presence of Charles LETTIMORE (?) and xEdxxx THOMPSON


No. 64 } Christopher LITTLE of the Parish of Rossorry & Margaret SCARLET of this Parish, Married in this Church by Licence 28 Apr 1812 by me Thos. Wisney (?) in presence of Arthur Lxxxgth ( marked with 'X') and Henry ARMSTRONG


No. 65 } Jxxxx Bxxdale Pxxxate of the Parish of Kesh (?) & Mary FORSTER of this Parish, Married in this Church by Licence 6 May 1812 by me Thos. Wisney (?) in presence of Charles BLAKELEY, John xxssel, & xxxxxx

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