County Fermaagh 

Catholic Parishes in New York City in 1865

From a book published by John Hopkins University Press.
ISBN # 0-8018-1708-0


1. St Peter 1785 Barclay St

2. St Patrick 1809/1815 Mott St

3. St Mary 1826 Grand St

4. St Joseph 1829 6th Ave

5. St Nicholas 1833 E 2nd St German parish

6. St Paul 1834 E 117th St

7. St James 1836 James St

8. Tranfiguration 1836 Mott St

9. St John The Baptist 1840 W 30th St German parish

10.St.John Evangelest 1840 E 50th St

11.St Vincent De Paul 1841 W 23rd St French parish

12.Nativity 1842 2nd Ave & 2nd St

13.St Andrew 1842 Duane St

14.Most Holy Redeemer 1844 E. 3rd St German parish

15.St Francis 1844 W . 31st St German parish

16.St Columba 1845 W 25th St

17.St Alphonsus 1847 Thompson St German parish

18.St Francis Xavier 1847 W 16th St

19.St Stephen 1848 E. 28th St

20.St Brigid 1848 Ave B, N 8th St

21.St Lawrence 1851 4th Ave & 84th St

22.Holy Cross 1852 W.42nd St

23.St Ann 1852 W 43rd St

24.Annunciation 1853 W 131st St

25.Immaculate Conception 1855 E 14th St

26.St Michael 1857 W 32nd St

27.Assumption 1858 W 50th St German parish

28.St Boniface 1858 2nd Ave at 47th St

29.St Paul 1858 W.60th St

30.St Gabriel 1859 E 37th St

31.St Joseph 1860 W 125th St German Parish

32.St.Teresa 1863 Rutgers St

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